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Computer Awareness Questions and Answers Quiz for IBPS Bank exams

Hello friends, In this article we are sharing Computer Awareness Questions and Answers Quiz for ibps Bank exams. You know that General Knowledge for Bank Exams is Must for every competitive candidate.

These questions are provided by SSC CGL Exam question paper setters. We all know that computer awareness is a very easy but if you not give high priority then your expected score may very down. These questions are very helpful in IBPS PO exam aspirants as well as all type of Govt jobs and other competitive examinations.
Computer Awareness Questions and Answers Quiz for IBPS Bank exams

Go below and read 10 Most Expected Computer Awareness Questions and Answers with detailed explanation for all competitive examination, interview and entrance test. These Fully solved questions with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be very easy to understand. We have combined questions that are Mostly repeatedly asked in many IBPS bank exams! This computer quiz will help you lot for technical aptitude for IBPS PO, MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI PO, RBI, CLAT, CTET and other much more competitive exams conducted in India.

ऐसे प्रश्न या तो परीक्षा के प्रश्न पत्र में मिलते है अथवा मेरिट माॅक पर,
तभी तो जब सभी पढ़े मेरिट माॅक तो आप क्यों नहीं

Q. 1. Choose the BEST answer for term 'Ransomware', Is a___________.
(1) Malware
(2) Computer Virus
(3) Hardware
(4) Utility Software
(5) System Software

Q. 2 __________is the process of encoding a message OR information in such a way that only authorized can access it.
(1) Encryption
(2) Cryptography
(3) Data Mining
(4) CPU
(5) Data Extract

Q. 3. In cryptography, use of algorithm for performing encryption or decryption called__________
(1) Encryption
(2) Cryptography
(3) Data Mining
(4) Cipher
(5) Data Extract

Q. 4Read only memory (ROM) is a type of____________.
(1) volatile memory
(2) non volatile memory
(3) semi volatile memory
(4) Both 3 and 3
(5) None of the above

Q. 5Word processor, spreadsheet, an accounting application OR a web browser are best example of a/an____________.
(1) Office work software
(2) General Purpose Software
(3) Utility Software
(4) System Software
(5) Application Software

Q. 6. Which is NOT an operating system?
(1) Microsoft
(2) macOS
(3) Linux
(4) Win9x
(5) AmigaOS

Q. 7. Which company is NOT related Internet services and products
(1) Google
(2) Yahoo
(3) Rediff
(4) eBay
(5) None of the above

Q. 8A program that hackers or crackers use to determine whether a specific computer is currently online and accessible called__________.
(1) Source Code
(2) Packet
(3) Ping
(4) Hack
(5) None of the above

Q. 9. Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web (www).
(1) Tim Berners Lee
(2) Sundar Pichai
(3) Larry Page
(4) Bill Gates
(5) None of the above

Q. 10. First commercially available microprocessor by Intel was _______________.
(1) 80386DX
(2) iAPX 432
(3) Intel 8048
(4) Intel 8008
(5) Intel 4004

Answer Key:
1. 2
2. 1
3. 4
4. 2
5. 5
6. 1
7. 5
8. 3
9. 1
10. 5

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