Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Must Read GK/Current Affairs Question and Answers for Bank Competitive Exams

Q.No. 1. First contactless business credit card issued by- India largest private sector bank ICICI

Q.No. 2. Full form of GFA : General Framework Agreement

Q.No. 3. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport situated in - Hyderabad

Q.No. 4. National Technology Day is observed across India on - 11th may

Q.No. 5. Vidyanjali is related to- a School volunteer Programmed

Q.No. 6. Museum of Indian Railway situated - Chanakyapuri (New Delhi)

Q.No. 7. ‘Swachh Jungle ki kahani – Dadi ki Zubani’ 

Q.No. 8. Prabhat Kamal Bezboruah is associated with - Renowned tea planter from Assam 

Q.No. 9. __________will be host the National Games 2022 - Meghalaya

Q.No. 10. The Telecom Department launched a portal named - ‘Tarang Sanchar’

Q.No. 11. ICMR stand for- Indian Council of Medical Research

Q.No. 12. India’s longest surface tunnel in - Jammu and Kashmir’s

Q.No. 13. Ustad Sabri Khan is associated with - sarangi player

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