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How to Open SBI Savings Bank Account Online (Complete Step by Step Guide)

SBI Savings Bank Account Online Opening Steps by step Tutorial/Guide in English. (State Bank of India) SBI Savings Bank Account Online Opening Guide Steps by Step Tips.

[एस बी आई बैंक मे खाता कैसे खोले - How to open a bank account in SBI in India in hindi]

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the most famous, old and expanding banks in India which is present in every corner of India. The biggest and important features of SBI bank is that it is established in every street, village and small towns.

State Bank of India, is a NATIONALIZED bank. Everyone on SBI can easily believe, can do the transaction. The most important link to join SBI or the first step is opening the account which is very easy. In India, most of the Consumer from the State Bank of India. State Bank of India offers the highest facilities in India in one account. Compared to other banks, you also get more features in its online banking account.

If you are searching How to open a bank account in SBI in India in hindi then you can easily understand these steps.

The benefits and sound reasons of opening SBI Savings Bank Account online is-
1. You have to wait for months to complete an account.
2. To apply, you have to stand in long queues.
3. Sometimes, if you fill out the correct form from the right address, some details are lost in the account.

Benefits of opening SBI account at home or your laptop/mobile or computer.
1. First of all, your time will be saved because you do not have to go to the bank for account opening.
2. You will be given your account open in a day or two.
3. There will be no mistake in the details related to your account data, as all the details of the account will be automatically filled online.

For Opening Savings Bank Account of SBI Online: Keep the following items/documents ready before applying?

  • 3 recent passport size photos (to paste your online account opening application form, Specimen Signature for Scanning and for bank passbook).
  • PAN card (if you do not have a PAN, then you have to fill Online Form 60/61).
  • One of your Active Mobile Numbers
  • Copy of Proof of Address Document - (Voter ID Card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill, Land Phone Bill ... etc)
  • Proof of Identity - (Adhaar Card, Voter Card, Driving License ... etc)

How to create or open SBI Savings Bank Account Online? [Step by Step Complete Information]

To apply SBI's Savings Bank account online, you have to do 4 things -

  1. First of all, keep all the above given items/documents ready.
  2. Online Form-Fill Up Website
  3. After Fill-Up (ACCOUNT OPENING FORM (Savings Bank Account) For Resident Individuals, please download it.
  4. Then submit your Application Form along with Documents.

Savings Bank Account of SBI Online Account Opening Form How to Fill-Up?

Step No. 1
First of all browse the online SBI homepage: >> After that go to the Menu Bar and click Apply SB Account and click on Resident Individuals within it to select Regular SB Account is. See the picture given below:

Step No. 2
After that click on Apply Now on that page you will have to browse a new page.

Step No. 3
On the next page you will first need to fill in the Form Fill of the Customer Information Section. To fill out the form, click on Start New.

Step No. 4
After that you will see a long form page in which you will first need to fill your Personal Details Fill-Up. In this section you will need to fill up different data. as -

Step No. 5
In this step you have to put aside the information related to your residence. Like - Correspondence Address / Local Address, Permanent Address and Address Outside India (Tax Purpose).

Correspondence Address / Local Address

In this you put that address where you are living at this time. Also, write your correct Mobile Number as you will receive an OTP receipt if you do different types of transactions with the bank on the same mobile number.

Permanent Address

If your Permanent Address and Correspondence Address / Local Address is one, then select Yes and if not, type the second address.

Address Outside India (Tax Purpose)

If you live outside India, you will have to do this section Fill-Up, otherwise leave this section blank.

Check all details correctly after Fill-Up, and click on Submit Button. After that you will see the TCRN number at the bottom of that page. This TCRN Number will reach your mobile number via SMS also at the same time.

Then, Click the button 'Save and Proceed' that will send you to the next page.

Step No. 6
On the next page you have to put information related to your studies, job or earnings. Also, you have to select information related to your caste, such as General, OBC, SC ST etc ..

Step No. 7
In this step, you fill out the document proof which you want to deposit in the bank. Fill Up. Proof of Address and Proof of Identity, one of the two documents that fill the details in the given places.

PAN Card details also need to be posted on this page, as this will save you much of tax from your account. If you do not have a PAN, then you must have Form 60/61 Fill-Up on the same page.

Then, Click the button 'Save and Proceed' that will send you to the next page.

Step No. 8
On this page you have to choose the Type of account and Branch Name of your account on which branch you are applying to open your account.

If you have to take a Debit card and check book, then select with Cheque Book and Debit Card. Then put your TCRN number in your Detail of Applicant >> TCRN for Sole / First Holder. After some second you will automatically see the name of the applicant in Sole / First Holder Name.

After that, enter the branch code of the SBI Branch who want to open their account/khata and click on Get Branch Name. Show the name of the branch of SBI below the same.

Step No. 9
After that service need to be ✓ as required.
If you need an ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD, ✓ Make it in front of you.
If you want the facility of Internet Banking, ✓ in front of it If you only have to see the details in the Internet Banking service, then • on Viewing Rights • and if you want to make full use • Complete transaction right •.
Be sure to ✓ Mobile Banking.
SMS Alert on Mobile No. ✓ Turn on
Go into Mode of Operation and click on Self Only.
and then Proceed Click on

After clicking on Proceed button, You will find the TARN number at the bottom of the same page as you click on the button. This number will also be received on your mobile number.

Step No. 10
Then there will be a second page in which you will have to write the name of the nominee (the heir of the account). If you do not have to keep Nominee for the account then I / we do not want to nominee
Save and Proceed. Click on Submit-- Click on the button.

Congratulation! Your SBI Online Account Opening Form Successfully submitted.

Step No. 11
Now you have to download the filled application form, so browse the online SBI homepage again: >> After that, go to Menu Bar and click Apply SB Account and inside it Click Resident Individuals to select Regular SB Account.

Step No. 12
Then click on Download Complete Application.

Step No. 13
Once you click on Download Complete Application, you will find a small menu that includes TARN number, birth date and click on Download. Your SBI Account Opening Application Form will be downloaded.
Click to Download SBI Account Opening Application Form Demo Download

Then visit the Bank Branch with Application Form, Document Proof, 3 Passport Size Photo. Your account will open in a few hours.

(This Article provided by Mr. Rajendra Singh, SBI - Clerk)
Thank You.
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