Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz

Hello Readers, Today we are sharing Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz Questions for your upcoming RBI Grade, IBPS, SBI PO & Clerical bank competitive examinations. Our think tank team compiled the important list of Banking & Finance Awareness 2017 points questions and answers in Quiz part.

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This post/article covers everything important you need to know for your upto date news related to Financial Awareness/General Awareness/Banking Awareness section of SBI PO & SBI Clerk exams. 

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Q.No. 1. 'CCI', a government agency term stand for- Competition Commission of India

Q.No. 2. Bitcoin is a______________. - Virtual Currency

Q.No. 3. ‘SBI Exclusif' is a__________.- Wealth Management Product

Q.No. 4. Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are____________.- repayable after an agreed period

Q.No. 5. In banking system term 'SEPA' stand for- Single Euro Payments Area

Q.No. 6. Asian Development Bank was conceived in the - 1960

Q.No. 7. MUDRA Bank will need two type of product like - refinance for the micro units & support to Micro Finance Institutions (MFI)

Q.No. 8. Under MUDRA Tarun Scheme applicant can apply loan between - 5,00,001 to 10,00,000/-.

Q.No. 9. World Bank Headquarters- Washington, DC USA

Q.No. 10. MIGA is a member of the World Bank Group, term MIGA stand for- Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

Q.No. 11. Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were established in - 1975

Q.No. 12. RBI established on April 1, 1935 under - RBI Act 1934

Q.No. 13. Term 'SEZ' stand for - Special Economic Zone

Q.No. 14. Term 'EPZ' stand for- Export Processing Zone

Q.No. 15. BSBDA guidelines are applicable to - all scheduled commercial banks in India

Q.No. 16. ATMs owned and operated by non-banks are called - White Label ATM

Q.No. 17. Numeric digits which is separately mailed / handed over to the customer by the bank while issuing the card known as - PIN (Personal Identification Number)

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