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SBI PO Prelims 2017 Preparation Strategy (30 Days Study Plan)

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With SBI PO Prelims Exam fast approaching, it is high time to put our concentrated efforts focused in the right direction. For this purpose, it is important to formulate a study plan and improve our weak areas. In the last 30 days before the exam, focus should be on practice, revision and mock tests.
SBI PO Prelims 2017 Preparation Strategy (30 Days Study Plan)
SBI PO Prelims 2017 Preparation Strategy (30 Days Study Plan)
It is advisable to not to buy any new book or any download any material from internet. Last minute confusions can spoil your year long toil. Too much and new information in a very short period of time abrupt the pathways for recall. This is time where you should get more familiarize with exam style and prepare your strategy well , which section to attempt first and which one to attempt at last. This should be time to improve time management.

Many members who are presently working have asked us to make a plan keeping in mind their hectic work schedule. It is advisable for the working fellows to devote 4-5 hours daily to complete the syllabus. Please note that aspirants should devote one hour every day to give mock tests. This is extremely useful as it will tell you your strengths and weakness.

Important aspect in Quantitative Aptitude is that you should not read, get down to work, pick up a pen and paper and start solving.

Apart from the plan, here are some of the things that you have to do daily:
  • Work on your vocabulary, learn 20 new words daily. 30*20 = 600 words can be learned daily and you will have an edge in English over others.
  • Read 10 Idioms/Phrases everyday
  • Give 1 Mock Test daily
  • Visit our app and solve DI, English and Reasoning Quizzes daily even if you have not covered that topic

In 30 days, we will make sure that we not only cover the syllabus but revise the syllabus as well. Here is the study plan:

SBI PO Prelims 2017 30 Days Study Plan

DayQuantitative AptitudeReasoning AbilityEnglish Language
1Learn tables till 30, Squares till 25, Cube till 20Coding DecodingBasic Grammar – Nouns, Pronouns, Tenses – Do Questions along-with Theory
2AverageInequalityGrammar – Adjectives, Types – Do Questions along-with Theory
3Ratio and ProportionBlood relationGrammar – Voice, Speech – Do Questions along-with Theory
4PercentageInput Output QuestionsGrammar – Articles, Verbs – Do Questions along-with Theory
5Mixture and allegationRevision of above 4 topicsRevision of Grammar
6Revision of above 5 topicsStatement assumption
7Time and WorkDirection testReading Comprehensions
8Pipes and cisternsAlpha Numeric Symbol sequenceCloze Test
9Time and DistanceDirection testPara-Jumbled
10Boats and StreamsRevision of above 4 topicsErrors
11Revision of above 4 topicsPuzzles: Sitting arrangementsRevision of above 4 topics
12Simple InterestPuzzles: RankingConnecting words / phrases for two sentences
13Compound InterestPuzzles: Combined Ranking and ArrangementParagraph completion
14Quadratic equationPuzzles: Misc typesSentence improvement
15ApproximationRevision of above 4 Puzzle TypesFinding the concluding sentence
16Revision of above 4 topicsSyllogismRevision of above 4 topics
17Profit and lossData sufficiencySentence for best restatement
18Age Related QuestionsStatement argumentFind Odd Sentence
19Data SufficiencyAssumption ReasoningFind right-wrong word pair
20Number SeriesRevision of above 4 topicsPhrase Replacement
21Revision of above 4 topicsMissing SeriesRevision of above 4 topics
22Permutation and CombinationAnalogy TestVocabulary – Antonyms
23ProbabilityPuzzles- Floor ArrangementVocabulary – Synonyms
24Revision of above 2 topicsAlphabet based problemsIdioms
25DI: Line GraphRevision of above 4 topicsPhrases
26DI: Table and Bar GraphRevision of above 4 topics
27DI: Pie ChartAuxiliary and Modals
28DI: Missing SeriesPrepositions, Conjunctions and Interjection
29DI: Combined GraphsError Detection Practice
30Revision of DIRevision

As mentioned above, you need to give a mock test daily. Mocks is much more than the scores and the percentiles. It is more about strategy making and analyzing your mistakes, things that you could have done better. With mocks you can always try out different things. SBI PO is not very concept driven beyond a point i.e. the exam is tough to crack because you need speed and accuracy to solve it right within a short time rather than the difficulty level of the questions. The questions are doable, it’s just that some questions take much more time. Respect the lengthy questions and don’t attempt at all of these types.

We hope that strictly following the above plan will fetch you enough to clear the cut-off marks.
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