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Bank Account Freeze in India All you need to Know

Hello Redaers, I am shaily, from this is my guest post at meritmock. Today me aapko is article ke madhyam se about bank accounts Freezing in India ke bare me detailed information with basic rules about bank accounts Freezing ke batane ja rahi hu. 

Dosto ye ek bahut hi chota sa bank account freeze concept hai ki jab bi koi bank accout Freezing kiya jata hai to uske piche koi na koi reason hota hai. 

Appka bank account in 3 officials ke dwara India me Freeze ho sakta hai.
1. Government 2. Bank 3. Police investigation

Agar aapka bank account freeze kar diya gaya hai to aap--
1. Kisi b agrim suchna ya order ke ya notice ke bank account se koi bi transaction nahi kar sakte hai.
2. All payment and transactions stopped kar diye jate hai.
3. Agar cheques issued by the holder earlier then tab bi aapke sabhi payment and transition reject kar diye jate hai.

Muje lagta hai ki ab aap freeze bank account meaning to samaj gaye honge lakin ab me aapko kuch advance information batane ja jari hu.

Who have rights to order a freeze bank accounts

Doso ye depnd karta hai ki aapka bank account kon freeze kar sakta hai. Generally Regulators jaise - Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India, income-tax authorities or courts. Ye authorities aapke bank account ko freeze karne ke rights or order issue kar sakti hai.

8 basic reasons when the accounts are freezed in India

(1) Unpaid private loans If you have not paid your loans despite several reminders, your account could be froze.
(2) Tax dues - Classic examples have been Sahara and Kingfisher Airlines, where accounts have been frozen for non payment of tax dues.
(3) Unpaid money to a organisation/individual.
(4) Suspicious activities in the bank account transaction
(5) Use of the bank account for illegal activities
(6) Money laundering and schemes
(7) Money Scam by Internet, online scam, Ponzi scam or any other activity like Social Trade, Webwork etc.
(7) Terrorist financing

How to unfreeze, if bank freeze your acccount

Agar app ek favourable court verdict in order to unfreeze and secure your bank account rakhte hai to aapka bank account unfreeze kiya ja sakta hai.

Can banks freeze accounts?

Yes, Agar banks feel karta hai ki aapke bank account ke transaction suspicious hai to aapka account bank ke dwara freeze kar diya jayega.
Aapko pata ho chaye ki An unusual transaction could in ivolve an illegitamate business transaction is savings account as prohibited under RBI rules. Agar app is rule ko follow nahi karte hai to bank aapke account ko freeze kar dega.

What you should do if bank freeze your acccount?

Appko pata hi hai ki bank jab bi kisi ka account freeze karte hai to uska koi na koi puktha reason clear hota hai, aur bank within their rights hi account freeze illegal purposes hone per hi hota hai. Agar aapko lagta hai ki aapke dwara koi b illegal activity nahi ki gai hai or aap sabhi policy and rules ko properly follow kar rahe hai aur fir b appka account freeze ho gaya hai to aap bank official se personally contact kar sakte hai. Agar bank aapke matter ko aache se understand nahi kar pata hai to Reserve Bank of India se guide le sakta hai.

Facts- Ye impotant hai ki yadi aapka bank account freeze ho gaya hai to uske unfreeze hane ke chances 30 to 40 percent hai because, after investigation, research or rules ke according hi bank account freeze hota hai.

Asha karti hu ki aapko ye Bank Account Freeze in India All you need to Know in Hindi me accha laga hoga agar aapko ye article accha laga ho, useful hoto please share and like jarur kariyega. Thank u. 

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