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Best Online General Knowledge Test for SSC, Railway and all Other Competitive Exams.

Hello Readers, Here is the Best Online General Knowledge Test for SSC, Railway and all Other Competitive Exams. General Knowledge questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

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General Knowledge questions and answers
TOP- and MUST 50 Super Power Capsule GK and Most Important Questions
1. Graphite is used in pencils.

2. Nitrogen gas usually filled in the electric bulb.

3. Hydrogen gas is not known as green house gas.

4. In order, the most abundant greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere are:
* water vapor
* carbon dioxide
* methane
* nitrous oxide
* ozone
* chlorofluorocarbons

5. Bromine is a red liquid.

6. Diamond is the hardest substance available on earth.

7. Graphite is used as a lubricant.

8. Oxygen and acetylene gases used in different types of welding.

9. The average salinity of sea water is 3.5%

10. The group of metals Fe, Co, Ni may best called as transition metals.

11. Heavy water is deuterium oxide.(used in certain types of nuclear reactors,)

12. The element common to all acids is hydrogen.

13. Carbon, diamond and graphite are together called allotropes.

14. Potassium nitrate is used in fertiliser.

15. Permanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of sodium carbonate.

16. Soda water contains carbon dioxide.

17. The most important ore of aluminium is bauxite.

18. Most soluble in water is sugar.

19. Francium is in liquid form at room temperature.

20. Sodium metal is kept under kerosene.

21. Nitrous Oxide is laughing gas.

22. Actinides are the elements with atomic numbers from 89 to 103.

23. The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are silicon and germanium.

24. The filament of an electric bulb is made of tungsten.

25. Diamond is an allotropic form of carbon.

26. In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of barium.

27. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding washing soda.

28. Marsh gas is methane.

29. LPG consists of mainly methane, butane and propane.

30. Air is a mixture of various gases, water vapor, dust and microbes.

31. Balloons are filled with helium.

32. Bell metal is an alloy of tin and copper.

33. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because it has a high dipole moment.

34. The main constituents of pearls are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

35. Amalgams are alloys which contain mercury as one of the contents.

36. Lithium is the lightest metal.

37. One kilometre is equal to 0.62 miles.

38. kilohertz is a unit which measures electromagnetic radio wave frequencies.

39. One horse power is equal to 746 watts.

40. 'Bar' is the unit of atmospheric pressure.

41. Kilowatt is a unit to measure electrical power.

42. Electric current is measure by ammeter.

43. FFC stands for Film Finance Corporation.

44. Film and TV institute of India is located at Pune (Maharashtra).

45. Guru Gobind Singh was-

  • the 10th Guru of the Sikhs
  • founder of Khalsa, the inner council of the Sikhs in 1699
  • author of Dasam Granth

46. Filaria is caused by Mosquito

47. DRDL stands for Defence Research and Development Laboratary.

48. Golden Temple, Amritsar is India's largest Gurdwara.

49. ESCAP stands for Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific.

50. Dumping is a term that is used in financial markets

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