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Basic Computer Awareness Questions Answers MCQ

Dear Readers. Here is the Top expected 12 Basic Computer Awareness Questions Answers MCQ (Objective Computer Knowledge Questions) for your all upcoming competitive and other entrance examinations. You get upto 40% Extra marks in Govt Jobs and Aptitude Questions Answers for IBPS, SSC, UPSC, CAT, MBA and other exams

ये प्रश्न आपकी लगभग सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में समान रूप से उपयोगी है जैसे- Computer awareness mcq, computer knowledge, quiz, awareness, questions, answers, explanation, solutions, examples, interview, entrance, upsc, ssc, entrance बैंक भर्ती परीक्षा, संघ लोक सेवा आयोग व एसएससी सहित सभी स्टेट लेवल कमीशन की परीक्षा के लिए।

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हमारा लक्ष्य है आपको कम से कम समय से अधिक से अधिक प्रश्न उपलब्ध कराना ताकि आप पढ़े कुछ एक्सस्ट्रा और स्पेशल. परीक्षा में वे प्रश्न ही क्यों आते है जो हम नहीं पढ़ते है। जब सभी पढ़े मेरिट माॅक तो आप क्यों नहीं।

Q. 1. A stereophonic system requires
(1) two separate microphones
(2) two separate amplifiers
(3) two separate speakers
(4) all of the above 

Q. 2. Which of the following statements in incorrect
(1) Microsoft windows is GUI
(2) Linux is GUI
(3) More than 5000 KB data can be stored in a DVD
(4) A 1 TB flash drive can store 2 million files each of size 1 MB 

Q. 3. In the context of Information Technology, OCR means
(1) Optical Character Recognition 
(2) Octagonal Cyclic Recharge
(3) Octadecimal Cyclic Regeneration
(4) Optical Character Regeneration

Q. 4. Which of the following is not an I/O device of the computer?
(1) keyboard
(2) Joy stick
(3) ALU 
(4) Printer

Q. 5. What is floating point with
(1) It is a software subroutine around which other sub-routines are built
(2) It is a representation of real numbers to facilitate computing 
(3) It is the main algebraic formula of the software
(4) It is the voltage point given to various operating units of the computer

Q. 6. A system of digital rules for exchange and processing of data between various devices is called
(1) software programme
(2) algorithm
(3) protocol 
(4) information processing

Q. 7. A theoretical computer with infinite type and memory used in analysis of problems of computation, is called
(1) Tape calculator
(2) Babbage machine
(3) Turning machine 
(4) Theoretical machine

Q. 8. ASCII coding allocated binary codes to English alphabets and symbols for computer use. More recently a new standard has been adopted which allocates code to almost all the languages of the world and also to symbols covering more than a lakh characters. The new standard is called
(1) CCS
(2) Unicode 
(3) Standard CCS code
(4) Universal CCS code

Q. 9. For using passwords on the Internet a software is used so that the password is not intercepted easily. It is called
(1) Coding
(2) Malware
(3) Virus
(4) Encryption 

Q. 10. A software, coding of which is available freely on Internet and is open for users for users for further use and improvement and which is generally developed in a collaborative manner is called
(1) open source software 
(2) unlicensed software
(3) free software
(4) community software

Q. 11. Which of the following are machine level languages?
(1) C++
(2) Java
(3) Python
(4) Community software 

Q. 12. NEFT and RTGS are the means for
(1) Money transfer 
(2) Fiscal control policy
(3) Monitoring tax collection
(4) Implementing GST
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