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Which is the best book of Indian constitution for competition exams IAS, RAS, UPSC, SSC, IBPS Bank Exams & Railway Competitive Exams?

Hello Readers. Which is the best book of Indian constitution for competition exams - Today we are here with full analysis of the best book for Indian Polity - Indian Constitution for your upcoming competitive examinations. These all are recommended books for UPSC Civil Services Preparation (IAS, PCS Exams) as well as general competition exams like RAS, SSC, IBPS Bank PO & Clerical Exams, SBI PO & Clerk, RBI assistant and Officer & Indian Railway Competitive Exams. This section is very imp. in General Knowledge section (also called Static G.K. for IBPS Bank Exam).

You read and study these books as Indian Polity Notes - Constitution, Social Justice etc. In this article we have acquired the most important best book of Indian constitution for UPSC Civil Services Pre and Mains.

Are you preparing for Govt Jobs, Bank Jobs, Civil Service Competitive Exam?
Yes, it's difficult to crack the exam! but not impossible.

In this article, we have shared the 100+ most important books for Civil Services Prelims & main examination. Here the given booklist list of toppers guidance books which we have compiled, based on the profile analysis of 50 successful aspirants and after analyzing around 20+ online websites what we found? read here-

  • 80% of them cleared the exam with the help of best books without any coaching!
  • Preparation with coaching notes or study materials, no guarantee for your final success!
  • It is highly recommended that you study from books which make your basic concepts clear and help you with particular subject/topic since UPSC and all competitive exam paper setter asks conceptual questions in question paper. So, the standard books that are absolutely necessary to read for the UPSC as well as all recruitment examination.
  • So as per this trend you should follow TOP books and if you will follow these strategies and techniques while preparation, then you can also crack the exams with ease.

If you are preparing for an competitive exam to qualify for any jobs after graduation you tend to take the help of Best Books. Currently, India has huge job openings in the UPSC as well as the Government sector like SSC and Banking. Further, as we all know, Today all Central and State Government and Banking jobs are well paying jobs with lot of advantages like job security and other perks. Many students are focusing on the UPSC, PCS, PSC, SSC Exams Government and Banking sector to shape their bright future. Today we are here with "most important best book of Indian constitution" subject/section. We have curated a list of few good books providing free and accurate information as well as content for preparing these competitive exams. Check them out to get the maximum benefits from these books.

If You are abide by a mini-library to be packed in one book then you will decide again because only a single book is not fulfill all the requirement and hasn't been written so far! as best book for specially for Civil Service Exams and all other Indian Competitive exams, And even if it is ever, we are not satisfied with this scenario. So, We are suggesting you that all successful aspirants read at least 2 or 3 best books.

So if you have just started thinking about preparing, what to do? Typically, our reaction is requisite to be - Just do the NCERTs thoroughly
So what about the NCERTs? They are a great tool,  only if you seriously go through them, making pointwise notes, and realise that they represent a starting point. And even with this, they're going to take up several months of intense study.

Some important precautions:

  • Stop looking for that only one book that'll be a panacea for all your competitive exam needs.
  • Be precise in what you study. There's no point in reading endlessly on a topic just because it interests you. Know when to stop.
  • It requires a lot of patience, discipline and resilience. Steel yourself.
  • Be positive, be optimistic. Be ready to sacrifice what you want so that you get what you deserve.

Which is the best book of Indian constitution for competition exams

Which Best Books to prepare for IAS UPSC preparation Exams as best book of Indian constitution
Here is a detailed list of the books to prepare for IAS, which you must grab first, and sometimes just download for free! at various portal on internet (we shortly providing some free books download links soon) if you are thinking of making a serious attempt at UPSC preparation. These should be your first companions. 

Please note that NCERTs books are not enough for your IAS exam preparation. You need to read and study some Extra! Ok. If you are studying constitution normally for SSC and Banking exmination as static GK part with a depth you can go through General Knowledge book published by Lucent, here a chapter of Political Science is there and it will clear your purpose. However for further reading, probably the best book, The constitution of India by Dr DD Basu will help you a lot. 

Toppers Guidance Books on Indian Polity for IAS Civil Service Examination:
First and Foremost books to start with is NCERT books 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.
NCERT (+1 level)—Indian Political System

Remaining books you can choose based on the toppers guidance.

Important reference books-Indian Polity with toppers preferences are:

  1. Laxmi kanth—For prelims (Short but sweet Book)
  2. D.D. Basu—Introduction to the Constitution of India (For mains)
  3. Arihant Publication—Magbook Indian Polity & Governance
  4. N D Arora, Access Publishing—Indian Polity, Governance and National Movement for Civil Services Preliminary Examination - Paper 1

But, if you are preparing for IAS Civil Service Examination and not satisfied with above books then you follow these guidelines:

Below, we have compiled the most important books list for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exams. You need to understand importantance of NCERT Books for UPSC Civil Services. You can check Important reading books for IAS (Indian constitution Books List PDF). This list is for Paper I Syllabus (General Studies)

How to download Indian Polity- Indian Constitution NCERT Books?

NCERT books are available in many leading book stores in your city. Also you can buy NCERT books online from various websites like Flipkart.  If you find difficulty to get hard copies of NCERT texts, you can always get soft copies in PDF form from the website and NIOS.

Just like NCERT website which offers free download of quality books, as well as  CBSE website offers quality PDFs. Click on the links available here to download free text books from these websites.
NCERT – 6th to 8th (for basic understanding)
NCERT- Class 9th to 12th (for understanding more on democracy and federalism)

We hope that these books will give you a good start. All the best.

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