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    Thursday, 15 December 2016

    We never break your trust 33 लाख से ज्यादा पेज पढ़ लिये गये है Thank YOU Friends.

    Hi, readers we never break your trust. We are extremely grateful to the readers of meritmock because of the position that we have achieved. We promise you, Please give us some time, we will change your future from studies (competitive exams) or other ways.

    Here we are giving some details about our site. Achieved the number of readers is delighted today.
    Readers Overview ( till 15.12.2016 1.15 PM)

    Total Users connected with us - 442,807 
    Total Page read - 3,300,737
    Website Rank in India - 8112
    Team members- 1 admin, 5 Team members, 25 editors members with subject experts, paper setters from various educational departments.
    Status Date- 15.12.2016

    We always remember your support. All the best.

    Our wish is that God give you swiftly success. Please write your query in comment box.

    Warm regards-
    Admin- Meritmock
    Support mail- meritmock@gmail.com

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