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7 Best Books for a Professional Knowledge Paper in SBI, IBPS specialist officer IT exam?

What is the best book for a professional knowledge paper in SBI specialist officer IT exam?

Hello Readers. Professional knowledge exam is the main criteria for selection in IBPS IT Officer recruitment as well as SBI SO exam. So, here you know about the best book for a professional knowledge paper in IBPS and SBI specialist officer exam.

The first step for starting your IBPS bank exam preparation, is to buy some best books for these exams 2017-18. These books should be the best of best. To choose the good books for SBI SO Exam or good books for IBPS SO Exam is not an easy task. It becomes more harder when you have to choose only one best book.

You know the syllabus for IT officer exam is not specified by IBPS. But we analyzed the previous year IBPS Question Paper and we notice that these books may help better for your Professional Knowledge test.

7 Best Books for a Professional Knowledge Test Paper in SBI, IBPS specialist officer SO exam?

There are many best books available in the market. But some important SBI SO Books and IBPS SO Books help you in bank competitive exams. Full list are given as recommendation from our subject experts and paper setters given below. 

Here is the reference Books, magazines for IT Professional Knowledge Paper of Bank SO Exams.
  1. Kiran Publishers Book for IT
  2. IT Engineering by GK Publication
  3. Professional Knowledge for IBPS/SBI Specialist IT Officer Exam is a comprehensive. The book covers 1800+ useful questions for Professional Knowledge by Disha Publication.
  4. BSC Publications
  5. Objective Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams 1st Edition by R Pillai-Arihant publications
  6. Computer for Competitive Exams: Fundamental of Computer with MCQs : Fundamentals of Computer with Multiple Choice Questions 1st Edition by RPH Editorial Board ,Ramesh Publishing House
  7. CWE-IBPS Bank – IT Specialist Officer Exam: Complete Book by Chandresh Agrawal.

If you need only best book for professional knowledge (IT), then go for kiran publishers book. Because the book give detailed explanation for every question. First they will give you theory , after that it will provide mock test close to 40 numbers.

So, it is most important to know the SBI SO Syllabus, before starting your preparation. The books for State Bank of India specialist officer should include the following topics as described below.

Disha publication book index says
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Computer Architecture & Organisation
  • Data Structure
  • Compiler Design
  • Networking
  • Operating System
  • DBMS
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming
  • Digital Logic

Kiran Prakshan book index says
  • Basic Concept of Computer
  • Computer Architecture and Origination
  • Data Structure
  • Data Communication and Networking
  • Networking Security
  • Operating System
  • Digital Circuits and System
  • Microprocessor, 8085
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Security and Service Level Management
  • Introduction to Programming Language C

From the indexes of these two books, you can see following topics are common

  1. Fundamentals/basic concept
  2. Computer Architecture and organization
  3. Data structure
  4. Networking and networking security
  5. Operating system
  6. DBMS
  7. Software engineering
  8. Disha says programming, Kiran says “C programming”.

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Hope this helps, All the best and happy learning ! All the BEST.

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