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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Quiz

General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Quiz : You know that Objective General Knowledge MCQs or Multiple choice questions and answers is an efficient preparation tool that allows you to assess your preparation as well as supplement your general knowledge. Our new secret quiz method provides a new and advance way of learning and preparing for competitive examinations. It is structured in a systematic ways so as to assist you in recognizing your weakness and enable you to improve upon them. The structure of this quiz will stimulate, activate and accelerate your learning process.
क्या आप भी ये प्रश्न जानना चाहते है
  1. प्रतियोगी परीक्षा का पेपर कठिन बहुत था।
  2. परीक्षा में हमेशा वे प्रश्न ही क्यों आते है जो हम नहीं पढ़ते है?
  3. वे अभ्यर्थी क्यों चयन ले लेते है जो हमारे पड़ौस में रहते है पर हम नहीं?
ऐसे बहुत से प्रश्न है जो आप यहां लगातार पढ़ते रहते सीख जाते है।

The prime reason for the success of our quiz has been its structure that enhances the 'learning capability of a user. We have retained the key features of the previous quizzes, added new questions and pruned out some errors in the answer keys and question statements. The meritmock website has been enhanced with more test papers, old question papers and recent, to allow the user more questions to practice. These questions are easily download in PDF format and can be printed for group assessment by the aspirants as well as coaches and mentors.

The quiz is useful for majour competitive examinations such as:

  • UPSC examination like civil services, IES, IFS, NDA, CDS and CPF etc.
  • State civil services examinations
  • IBPS Bank Examinations (CWE) and RBI, NABARD and other national bank exams.
  • Insurance sector examination for LIC, GIC, AAO and other admnistrative examinations.
  • SSC ( Pre and Mains) Exams
  • Railway Recruitment examinations and other similar examinations
  • CLAT and other law entrance examinations.

आज का युग competition का युग है। बचपन से लेकर नौकरी-व्यवसाय तक, हमेशा कठिन परीक्षाओं से जूझना पड़ता है। आज Competitive Examinations शारीरिक नहीं, बल्कि मानसिक अधिक हो गया है। किसी भी Entrance examination में, Recruitme Exam आदि की परीक्षा में सबसे अधिक जोर general knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams pdfपर रहता है। चयनकर्ता यह जानना चाहते हैं कि परीक्षार्थी सामान्य ज्ञान-विज्ञान के विभिन्न विषयों के बारे में कितना सजग है तथा कितना जागरूक है।

We hope that the students will appreciate this new quiz. Any comments or suggestions for the further development of the quiz would be most welcome. You can be reached at

आईये आपके भविष्य की नई दिशा तय करने के लिए इन 10 प्रश्नों पर अपनी अच्छी तैयारी करते है।

Question 1. A unit of energy is the same as that of
(1) work
(2) power
(3) force
(4) acceleration
(5) All of these

Question 2. Garia Puja, the biggest festival of the tribals is celecrated in the State of
(1) Arunachal Pradesh
(2) Rajasthan
(3) Himachal Pradesh
(4) Tripura
(5) Gujarat

Question 3. Agra city was founded by
(1) Firoz Tughlaq
(2) Bahlol Lodi
(3) Sikandar Lodhi
(4) Khizr Khan
(5) Shah Jahan

Question 4. The Forest Research Institute is located at
(1) Baroda
(2) Dehradun
(3) Guwahati
(4) Pune
(5) Delhi

Question 5. The Census of india 2011 is the
(1) 11th Census
(2) 12th Census
(3) 13th Census
(4) 14th Census
(5) 15th Census

Question 6. The Natural Satellite of the earth is the
(1) Moon
(2) Mars
(3) Venus
(4) Neptune
(5) All of these

Question 7. Which one of the following options make one byte?
(1) 4 Bits
(2) 8 Bits
(3) 12 Bits
(4) 16 Bits
(5) None of these

Question 8. The Great Victoria Desert is ocated in
(1) Canada
(2) India
(3) North America
(4) Australia
(5) None of these

Question 9. The term bit is short for what?
(1) Megabyte
(2) Binary Language
(3) Binary Digit
(4) Binary Number
(5) None of these

Question 10. What is the weight of human brain
(1) about 3 pounds
(2) about 4 pounds
(3) about 6 pounds
(4) about 9 pounds
(5) about 17 pounds

Answer Key:
1. 1
2. 4
3. 3
4. 2
5. 5
6. 1
7. 2
8. 4
9. 4
10. 1

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