Thursday, 17 November 2016

Basic Computer Knowledge questions and answers for IBPS PO Mains and IT Officer Exams

Dear MM Expert Readers. After bankers adda computer quiz Here is another great quiz platform for your better IBPS PO exam preparation. Today we are starting here with top 10 Basic Computer Knowledge questions and answers quiz. This quiz is very important and expected for upcoming IBPS PO mains and IBPS SO (Specialist officer) competitive exam aspirants.
Computer Awareness Quiz
Basic Computer Knowledge questions and answers

1. The first computer was made available for commercial use 
(4) Edvac

2. The process is called to take Commands
(1) Fetching
(2) Storing
(3) Decoding
(4) Executing
(5) None of these

3. Computer's clock speed is normally measured in
(1) Second
(3) Bit
(4) Megahertz
(5) None of these

4. Term Million instructions per second (MIPS) is related to
(1) Processor speed
(2) Printer speed
(3) Internet speed
(4) Communication speed
(5) None of these

5. Which of the following device is not a Pointing Device
(1) Mouse
(2) Light pen 
(3) Joystick
(4) Scanner
(5) None of these

6. Which of the following technology is used in cheques and bank draft by bank
(1) Barcode
(2) MICR
(3) OMR
(4) UPC
(5) All of these

7. Which of the following device is called BOTH as input and output device
(1) Printer
(2) Modem
(3) Speaker
(4) Scanner
(5) Monitor

8. The access method used for magnetic tap is
(1) Random access
(2) Sequential access
(3) Direct access
(4) Both 2 and 3
(5) All of these

9. The size is depending virtual memory on
(1) Address line
(2) Database
(3) Disk space
(4) Main memory
(5) All of these

10 From these the fastest computer memory is
(1) CD ROM
(2) RAM
(3) Registers
(4) Cache
(5) All of these

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