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50 Sure Shot GK Questions Quiz Capsule for Bank PO Exams Part-1

Hello MM Expert Readers. Have a nice Sunday today. Here is the 50 sure shot GK questions quiz Capsule for Bank PO Exams available now. This is Part-1 Gk quiz and we are providing more part for this. general knowledge questions with answers for IBPS and Bank PO. Prepare yourself for IBPS and Bank PO on meritmock. Experts designed and selected practice and mock test GK Boosters are available here. If you read seriously our GK questions quiz then you don't have questions like how to get full marks in Gk for bank exams. You know that Gk questions and answers are very must for every bank exams like IBPS PO Mains, RRB, SBI PO and SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant and Officer level Examinations.

In this capsule we included Current GK, Banking GK, Banking Current Affairs as Latest GK Questions. You read and practice with our Gk online model test papers and latest Gk in this portal. By our expert panel you stay tuned and get Static GK Study Material for Competitive Exams here. In our website you get Free Bank Po General Knowledge Online Practice Tests. More useful stuff as G.K. Question Bank - Bank PO/SO/Clerical | General Knowledge available in GK section. This (Important GK Questions for SBI Clerk Exam 2016 PDF Download Part- 1) is our very popular post for every aspirant for General Knowledge section. 

Get best questions answers for ibps and bank po exam preparation from these series of capsules. You also must read GK Questions Asked in All Bank and Railway Exams here.

General Knowledge Question Answers For Bank PO Exams:
Below is the 50 Sure Shot GK Questions Quiz Capsule for Bank PO Exams Part-1

Q.1. Which Indian film got the Best First Foreign Film Award given by the 2016 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics?
Answer- Titli

Q. 2. The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) provisions will now be applicable to all organisations with a minimum of?
Answer- 10 workers

Q.3. The book "Go Set a Watchman" by__________topped the 2015 US best seller list.
Answer- Harper Lee

Q.4. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India has developed a new drug BGR-4 to treat
Answer- Diabetes

Q.5. A Fixed Deposit (FD) can be made in India for a minimum of_____________days.
Answer- 7

Q.6. The Basic Saving and Deposit Account is the new name of the saving accounts opened earlier with the name
Answer- No Frill Accounts

Q.7. Where is the Brihadeshwara temple situated?
Answer- Thanjavur

Q.8. National Journalism Day observed on which day every year?
Answer- 17th November

Q.9. Indian men hockey team clinched gold after how many years in Asian Games?
Answer- 16 years

Q.10. Who is the author of the Book "The shado lines"?
Answer- Amitav Ghosh

Q.11. Census 2011, was the 15th Census of India and______Census after Independence.
Answer- 7th

Q.12. Wimbledon Cup is related to___________game.
Answer- Lawn tennis

Q.13. Currency of Malaysia is
Answer- Ringgit

Q.14. When was NABARD established?
Answer- July 12, 1982

Q.15. The top three countries in the medals tally at the 2016 12th South Asian Games (SAG) were
Answer- India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Q.16. "The Turbulent Years" Book is an autobiography authored by
Answer- Pranab Mukherjee

Q.17. MUDRA is related to
Answer- Small Industries in India

Q.18. The acronym TAM is used in the the context of
Answer- Television Audiences

Q.19. The term call and put options are used in
Answer- Stock Markets

Q.20. What is the approximate contribution of real estate to India's GDP?
Answer- 11%

Q.21. Internet search gaint Google launched a customized search engine for children named
Answer- Kiddle

Q.22. Who was/is the first Indian Prime Minister to address the British Parliament?
Answer- Narendra Modi

Q. 23. The acronym DTAA refers to
Answer - Tax avoidance

Q.24. Maria Sharpova, the tennis superstar, was in the news recently due to
Answer - A doping scandal

Q.25. The Setu Bharatam project has been launched
Answer - To make all National Highways Free of Railway Crossing

Q.26. Baghmara (Chhattisgarh) was in news as
Answer- It Became India's First Gold Mine to be Auctioned

Q.27. The Art of Living's World Culture Festival was held in
Answer- New Delhi From March 8, 2016 to March 14, 2016

Q.28. Which European country had declared an economic emergency recently?
Answer- France

Q.29. The Globel Summit CoP21 was related to
Answer- Climate Change

Q.30. Harper Lee, who passed away recently, was a/an
Answer- Authoress

Q.31. The abbreviation InvIT refers to
Answer- Infrastructure Investment Trust

Q.32. The Book 'Why We Love The Way We Do'  is written by
Answer- Preeti Shenoy

Q.33. The Start Up India project is designed to encourage
Answer- New Entrepreneurs

Q.34. The acronym CERT-In stand for
Answer- Indian Computer Energency Response Team

Q.35. The nomination facility is NOT available for________accounts.
Answer- Home loan

Q.36. Which pair won the Australian Open 2016 women's doubles title?
Answer- Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis

Q.37. The abbreviation FEMA is related to
Answer- Violations of Foreign Exchange Norms

Q.38. The latest public sector bank in India, set up by the central government, is
Answer- Bhartiya Mahila Bank

Q.39. A rate of inflation, which is beyond reasonable levels, and which is uncontrollable, is called
Answer- Hyperflation

Q.40. The FCNR accounts can be opened only by
Answer- Non- Resident Indians

Q.41. A mutual fund in India is constituted as a _______ and its assets are managed by a/an___________.
Answer- Trust, Asset Management Company

Q.42. Who has written the book "The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time"?
Answer- Dr. Subhash Chandra, Zee Group

Q.43. Arunima Sinha of India belong to which sport?
Answer- Mountaineering

Q.44. Which state has became India's first fully organic state?
Answer- Sikkim

Q.45. Who has been selected for the 2016 Amnesty International Human Rights Award?
Answer- Henri Tiphagne

Q.46. In which north eastern state was the President's rule imposed recently?
Answer- Arunachal Pradesh

Q.47. Which organism is responsible for the transmission of Zika virus to humans?
Answer- Mosquitoes

Q.48. The headquarters of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) is coming up in
Answer- Gurgaon

Q.49. ______has won the 2016 Premier Badminton League (PBL)
Answer- Delhi Acers

Q.50. The Interim Test Range (ITR) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for missile testing is located in
Answer- Odisha

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