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Marketing Aptitude Questions for Bank PO Exam

Hello Readers, Marketing Aptitude Questions for Bank PO Exam : What did you read. Oh... Marketing Aptitude (with Previous Papers) is very imp. for IBPS Exmination. In this we are presenting 10 MCQs for your good exam preparation. You must check Short Notes on Marketing, Marketing Abbreviations and Marketing Basics and IBPS Previous Papers.
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Important Instruction- Modern IBPS Exam Pattern and Syllabus not covered this section but questions asked in General Awareness and Banking Awareness section.

Marketing Knowledge MCQs for Bank Exam Practice.

Q.1 Digital marketing is similar to__________.
a. Online marketing
b. Cold calling
c. Web designing
d. Market forecast
e. Outdoor marketing

Q.2  Marketing is termed as successful, when_______________.
a. There is a rise in the number of salesmen
b. There is no need for post-sales services
c. There is no need to give discounts
d. There is rise in sales through more clients
e. Marketing is an ongoing process and hence, can never be successful

Q.3  Digital Marketing is a way of_____________.
a. Direct Marketing
b. Indirect Marketing
c. A strategy of DSAs
d. All of these
e. None of these

Q.4 Credit cards are used for___________.
a. Cash withdrawals
b. Purchase of air tickets
c. Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets
d. All of these
e. None of these

Q.5  A „Call‟ in Marketing language means _______ 
a. Calling On a salesperson
b. Calling on a customer
c. Making a phone call
d. Telemarketing
e. None of these

Q.6 Banks sell insurance for_________.
a. Increasing Deposits
b. Increasing Loans
c. Increasing Clients
d. Earning more profits
e. Taking over insurance companies

Q.7  EMI can be a marketing tool if 
a. EMI is increasing
b. It is very high
c. It is very low
d. EMI has no impact on marketing
e. None of these

Q.8 Market share means 
a. Market price of shares
b. Sensex
c. Share market
d. Share of business among peers
e. Market volatility

Q.9 A Debit Card can be issued to 
a. Only Income Tax assesses
b. Only Professionals
c. Only Women
d. All farmers
e. All Savings Account holders

Q.10 The meaning of “Conversion” in sales is 
a. Designing new products
b. Converting Purchasers into sellers
c. Converting sellers into purchasers
d. Converting prospective customers into purchasers
e. Conversion of religion

Answer Key:...
1. a
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. b
6. d
7. c
8. d
9. e
10. d

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