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How to Prepare for Group Discussion & Personal Interview (IBPS Special)

How to Prepare for Group Discussion & Personal Interview (IBPS Special)

Hi, In this article you learn Tips and tricks to excel in a Group Discussion for various competitive recruitment exams (Related to IBPS Banking).
Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers.

A recent trend of group discussion is used to analyse a student's personality. Listed are some tips and tricks to face it confidently.

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion! Is a methodology or in a simple language you may call it an interview process or a group activity. It is used as one of the best tools to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. GD may be used by an interviewer at an organization, colleges or even at different types of management competitions.

Group discussion is a new trend that has come up in order to evaluate student personality. A group of participants are made to discuss on a topic or subject for a limited time and then assessed accordingly. It is a chance for you to be more vocal.

GD evaluation is done by the subject experts based on the discussions. A report will be prepared on analyzing the facts at the end of the discussion.

 There are a lot of advantages of a group discussion:
1.It helps to shed away the shyness of a candidate and brings his viewpoint amidst all. 

2.It stimulates to think in a different, new way.

3.It helps the candidate in understanding his/ her own strengths and weaknesses.

4.It acts as an aid in expansion of the knowledge of the participant. 

5.It helps to analyse the social or economic issues more logically. 

Not just these, there are various other advantages to add on to. But, let us first have a glimpse of how to perform well in a group discussion.

How to Prepare for Group Discussion & Personal Interview (IBPS Banking Exam Special)

In short, the GD panel is testing whether you know the topic well, are able to present your point of view in a logical manner, are interested in understanding what others feel about the same subject and are able to conduct yourself with grace in a group situation. 

Outlined are some tips and suggestions that will help you prepare well for

Group Discussion:  

  • Train yourself to be a good listener. Develop the patience to listen attentively.
  • Acknowledge that everyone has something valuable to say.
  • When speaking in a GD, your job is to articulate your point of view in a way that is easy for others to comprehend.
  • Inculcate the good habit of structuring your thoughts and presenting them logically.
  • Writing essays on a variety of topics is good practice developing thought structure.
  • The only way to prepare is to read more, develop a keen interest in current affairs.
  • Seek opportunities to discuss these in groups.
  • Learn to respect others for what they are.
  • Learn to be open-minded and recognize the fact that people think differently about issues.
  • Train your mind to think analytically.
  • Your GD arguments should have ‘meat’.

Tips for Personal Interview

  1. Don’t start with the phrase – Myself XYZ – there’s no better way ti put the panel off.
  2. Getting into details about siblings and cousins – especially the one who seem to have done well. Panelists want to know about you, not about your extended family.
  3. Don’t cite – ‘making friends’ or ‘meeting new people’ – as a hobby. Wonder how one pursues a hobby like ‘meeting new people’!
  4. Don’t say things like – I studied this in my first year – as an excuse for not knowing more basic stuff related to their subject of study. The panel members study this about 20 years back – they still remember about it.

Here is a list of what should be done and what should be avoided at a Group Discussion (GD)

A. Be as natural as possible. Do not try to be someone you are not. Be yourself. In an attempt to be someone else, your opinions will not be portrayed. 

B. Sit with a straight and confident posture. 

C. Be assertive yet humble. You need to stick to your values and beliefs, but learn to respect the values and opinions of others too. 

D. Grab the opportunity to speak first, i.e. to start the group discussion with your opinion. It generally leaves a good impression on the evaluator, but take the move only if you have complete knowledge of the subject.

E. Do not repeat a point, or be lengthy or irrelevant. Also intervene, if someone else is going on an irrelevant track. 

F. Facilitate contribution from others. Do not just go on and on and on with only your opinionated view. Remember, it is a group discussion. Allow others to speak too.

G. Make an eye contact with all the participants. It creates more room for conversation. Also keep nodding, when others speak, it shows receptivity. 

H. Be an active and dynamic participant. The examiner wants to hear you speak. So do put forth your views. 

I. Be positive and prepare your thoughts well but do not be over-confident. 

J. Think well before you speak. You are being heard and judged upon. 

K. When raising an objection to a point kept by another speaker, back it up with a solid reason to get the point across. 

L. Use quotes, facts and figures, statements, everyday life examples to express a clear chain of thoughts. Also it might leave a good impression on the examiner and help you score well. 

These are some basic yet very vital tips that will help you feel a bit more confident about yourself and make you ready to appear for that group discussion trend. 

List of GD Topics

  • How to Deal with High Oil Prices?
  • Government Pumping Money into the Economy is not the Solution for our Economic Problems
  • Science Is A Boon Or Bane
  • How to Deal with International Terrorism?
  • Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success
  • Management Education in India
  • Role of Ethics in Business
  • Terrorism in India
  • The Internet is an exercise in hype
  • Educational qualification for Politicians
  • Should voters be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?
  • Reservations in the Private Sector
  • Advantages of Co-education
  • How effective are Indian B-schools?

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