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Top 100 World University Ranking 2016-17 List PDF Download

Dear Readers. Top 100 World University Ranking 2016-17 List "PDF" Download: In the news that you know detailed information about World University Ranking 2016-17 here. Times Higher Education released a list of top best university in the world on 22nd September 2016. From this released list we find only 1 Indian Educational Institute name (Indian Institute of Science-IIS) out of Top 350 World University Ranking 2016-17 List . The University of Oxford has knocked the California Institute of Technology off the top spot in annual league tables, becoming the first UK institution to lead the rankings.
Top 100 World University Ranking 2016-17 List

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Here we are posting Top 100 world universities by Times Higher Education. You also check Top 100 World University Ranking 2016-17 List in PDF Download.

Top 100 world universities - Times Higher Education
Top 100 World University Ranking 2016-17 List PDF Download
Rank 2016-17Rank 2015-16InstitutionCountry
12University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
21California Institute of TechnologyUnited States
33Stanford UniversityUnited States
44University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
55Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
66Harvard UniversityUnited States
77Princeton UniversityUnited States
88Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
99ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ZurichSwitzerland
1013University of California, BerkeleyUnited States
1010University of ChicagoUnited States
1212Yale UniversityUnited States
1317University of PennsylvaniaUnited States
1416University of California, Los AngelesUnited States
1514University College LondonUnited Kingdom
1615Columbia UniversityUnited States
1711Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
1820Duke UniversityUnited States
1918Cornell UniversityUnited States
2025Northwestern UniversityUnited States
2121University of MichiganUnited States
2219University of TorontoCanada
2322Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
2426National University of SingaporeSingapore
2523London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited Kingdom
2532University of WashingtonUnited States
2724University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
2828Karolinska InstituteSweden
2942Peking UniversityChina
3031École Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneSwitzerland
3029LMU MunichGermany
3230New York UniversityUnited States
3341Georgia Institute of TechnologyUnited States
3333University of MelbourneAustralia
3547Tsinghua UniversityChina
3634University of British ColumbiaCanada
3636University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUnited States
3627King’s College LondonUnited Kingdom
3943University of TokyoJapan
4035KU LeuvenBelgium
4139University of California, San DiegoUnited States
4238McGill UniversityCanada
4337Heidelberg UniversityGermany
4344University of Hong KongHong Kong
4550University of Wisconsin-MadisonUnited States
4653Technical University of MunichGermany
4752Australian National UniversityAustralia
4839University of California, Santa BarbaraUnited States
4959Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong
5046University of Texas at AustinUnited States
5151Brown UniversityUnited States
5144University of California, DavisUnited States
5365University of MinnesotaUnited States
5455Nanyang Technological UniversitySingapore
5556University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
5663University of North Carolina at Chapel HillUnited States
5749Humboldt University of BerlinGermany
5760Washington University in St LouisUnited States
5965Delft University of TechnologyNetherlands
6060University of QueenslandAustralia
6068University of Southern CaliforniaUnited States
6056University of SydneyAustralia
6358University of AmsterdamNetherlands
6464Boston UniversityUnited States
6547Wageningen University and Research CenterNetherlands
6654École Normale SupérieureFrance
67117University of Maryland, College ParkUnited States
6875Pennsylvania State UniversityUnited States
6971Erasmus University RotterdamNetherlands
70113Purdue UniversityUnited States
7169University of BristolUnited Kingdom
7290Ohio State UniversityUnited States
7285Seoul National UniversitySouth Korea
7473Monash UniversityAustralia
7572Free University of BerlinGermany
76138Chinese University of Hong KongHong Kong
7767Leiden UniversityNetherlands
7882University of New South WalesAustralia
78110RWTH Aachen UniversityGermany
8074University of GroningenNetherlands
8079University of PittsburghUnited States
82104Dartmouth CollegeUnited States
8290Emory UniversityUnited States
82NRTechnical University of BerlinGermany
8280University of WarwickUnited Kingdom
8662Utrecht UniversityNetherlands
87101Rice UniversityUnited States
8876University of GlasgowUnited Kingdom
89148Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)South Korea
8978University of TübingenGermany
9176University of HelsinkiFinland
9188Kyoto UniversityJapan
9381Uppsala UniversitySweden
9488Maastricht UniversityNetherlands
9584University of FreiburgGermany
9670Durham UniversityUnited Kingdom
9690Lund UniversitySweden
98106Aarhus UniversityDenmark
98101University of BaselSwitzerland
98106University of California, IrvineUnited States

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