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Latest GK Questions for Bank Exam Preparation (15 Expected Online GK Questions)

Latest GK Questions for Bank Exam Preparation (15 Expected Online GK Questions) : Dear Readers. Here is the very important 15 MCQs latest gk questions for bank exam. These selected and top expected general knowledge questions are very helpful for bank exam preparation. You require more banking current affairs and gk today exams. Remember that gk questions and answers are pillar of your competitive exams. So, you prepare hard and serious in general awareness, banking awareness and gk questions with answers.

GK is one of the most famous and important part of any competitive and recruitment exam, especially for the banking industry. Here we are with IBPS Recruitment Guide explain you the whole story behind (सामान्य ज्ञान) general knowledge for IBPS  Exam that How to prepare for GK Test? General knowledge preparation tips, IBPS GK Question and answers, Gk Syllabus for IBPS.

To increase your general knowledge, you must have reading habit of newspapers, latest magazines, latest current affairs and watch news channel and must aware about what happen around this world. Prepare IBPS General Awareness notes and read Gk questions with answers many times. You should Pdf Download Gk for ibps OR banking Gk for ibps and if you are not good in English to try Gk in Hindi for ibps exam.

Make a proper plan first find best IBPS GK Study material and practice with GK Online test for ibps and share what you think and anything interesting and your queries with us. Use comment section below.

Q.1. Which of the following plays a key role in the ecological system?
(1) Roads
(2) Forests
(3) Rocks
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) Both 1, 2 and 3

Q.2. Some people in Manipur live in house built on floating islands of weeds and decaying vegetation held together by suspended silt. These lands are called___________.
(1) Barkhans
(2) Izba
(3) Tipis
(4) Phoomdis
(5) Both 1 and 2

Q.3. The Sunderbans National Park is located at__________?
(1) West Bengal
(2) Odisha
(3) Assam
(4) Karnataka
(5) Rajasthan

Q.4. The Minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance in India is.
(1) 25%
(2) 33%
(3) 43%
(4) 53%
(5) 63%

Q.5. Amongst the following Indian State which one has the minimum total forest cover?
(1) Kerala
(2) Goa
(3) Sikkim
(4) Haryana
(5) Rajasthan

Q.6. Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip?
(1) Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
(2) Similar National Park
(3) Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary
(4) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
(5) Gir National Park

Q.7. Which one of the following National Highways passes through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orrissa?
(1) NH4
(2) NH5
(3) NH6
(4) NH7
(5) NH8

Q.8. Which part of India is known as the Land of Sunrise?
(1) Nandhadevi
(2) Arunachal Pradesh
(3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Himachal Pradesh
(5) Meghalaya

Q.9. The river which forms the waterfalls Sivasundaram is_____?
(1) Kavery
(2) Ganga
(3) Bhavani
(4) Vaigai
(5) Noyyal

Q.10. The farthest planet from the sun is______?
(1) Neptune
(2) Mars
(3) Pluto
(4) Venus
(5) None of these

Q.11. Dalmianagar of Bihar is famous of?
(1) Silk
(2) Milk
(3) Jute
(4) Leather
(5) Cement

Q.12. Which among the following is in Uttarakhand?
(1) Bandipur National Park
(2) Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary
(3) Corbett National Park
(4) Balpakram National Park
(5) Gir National Park

Q.13. Guntur of Andhra Pradesh is famous for?
(1) Sugar
(2) Tobacco
(3) Cement
(4) Tea
(5) Steel

Q.14. Which among following is largest container port in India?
(1) Ennore Port
(2) Jawaharlal Nehru Port
(3) Kandla Port
(4) Pradip Port
(5) None of these

Q.15. Which among following is largest container port in India?
(1) Agonda Beach
(2) Cavelossim Beach
(3) Marina Beach
(4) Varkala Beach
(5) None of these

Answer Key....
1. 2
2. 4
3. 1
4. 2
5. 4
6. 1
7. 3
8. 2
9. 1
10. 3
11. 5
12. 3
13. 2
14. 2
15. 3

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