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Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz questions and answers for Bank Exams Preparation

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz questions and answers for Bank Exams Preparation : Dear readers, here is the latest ibps asked previous questions computer quiz with answers. We presenting daily basic computer quiz questions for IBPS Bank Exam Preparation. Our mm expert team providing much more helpful quizzes for your upcoming IBPS bank and other Govt Jobs and Competitive Exams.

In our previous article you read information technology quiz as unique and up to date recent quiz in IT & Computer Science. Our daily quiz section provide computer quiz for school students as well as computer quiz for kids. You learning start with our basic computer quiz. We specially design more computer quiz for bank exam and computer quiz in hindi. Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz questions and answers with explanation for LIC AAO, RRB Railway jobs, bank jobs, ibps, interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

In this quiz you study very imp. and expected 10 MCQs objective type computer quiz questions answers. These all questions related to Basic Computer Knowledge - Basic Computer Quiz Questions and Answers.

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Q No. 1. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called?
(1) Abacus
(2) Analytical Engine
(3) Calculator
(4) Processor
(5) None of these

Q No.2. Which of the following is an example of non volatile memory?
(1) VLSI
(2) ROM
(3) RAM
(4) LSI
(5) None of these

Q No.3. A device that converts digital signals to analog signals is?
(1) modem
(2) packet
(3) block
(4) Both (A) and (B)
(5) None of these

Q No.4. Find the odd man out.
(1) FTP
(2) TCP
(3) POP
(4) SAP
(5) None of these

Q No.5. A language for simulating models of business activity is?
(2) DL
(3) GPSS
(4) SPSS
(5) None of these

Q No.6. ISDN stands for?
(1) Integrated Service Digital Network
(2) Integrated System Digital Network
(3) International Standard Digital Network
(4) International Subscriber Dialing Network
(5) None of these

Q No.7. A terabyte comprises?
(1) 1024 megabyte
(2) 1024 byte
(3) 1024 gigabyte
(4) 1024 kilobyte
(5) None of these

Q No.8. How many values can be represented by a single byte?
(1) 4
(2) 8
(3) 16
(4) 256
(5) None of these

Q No.9. Which among following is not a programming language?
(1) PHP
(2) Perl
(3) IEEE
(4) Java
(5) None of these

Q No.10. DNS is the abbreviation of?
(1) Domain Network Service
(2) Domain Name System
(3) Dynamic Network System
(4) Domain Name Service
(5) None of these

Answer Key:
1. 2
2. 2
3. 1
4. 3
5. 3
6. 1
7. 3
8. 4
9. 3
10. 2

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