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Important Topics for Banking Awareness

Dear Readers. Today we are here with great article "Important Topics for Banking Awareness" for your upcoming Bank Exam Preparation. You get all important topic details for this section.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

  • Origin of RBI. Who is the current governor, whom did he replace?
  • RBI vs SEBI vs IRDA: Name of their main bosses, Who controls what? NBFCs, MFI, Gold Loans, ULIP, Mutual funds etc.
  • powers functions of RBI
  • Monetary Policy
  • How does RBI control the money supply?
  • Open market operations, MSF, liquidity adjustment facility
  • SLR, CRR, Repo, Reverse repo, bank rate
  • Priority sector lending: and its subsectors. How do they apply to Domestic bank vs foreign bank?
  • Currency chest, Mint and press. Who signs coins and currency?
  • Measures of money supply
  • Foreign exchange management, components of forex reserves, approx. forex under RBI. Powers under FERA/FEMA, Tarapore Committee on capital account convertibility
  • Banking regulation act and its recent amendment
  • Banking reform, Banking License, Narsimhan, BASEL.

Banks: Basics

  • What is bank? What are its functions? how is it different from an NBFC/NBFC-factor, Post-office savings, Chit Fund, Nidhi etc?
  • Types of banks: commercial banks, regional rural banks, cooperative banks, investment banks, development banks etc.
  • What is a Scheduled commercial bank?
  • Public sector versus private sector banks. Where does RTI apply?
  • Bank nationalization, mergers and consolidations.
  • Names of chairman/CMD of big banks.
  • Basic GK related to banks: first commercial bank in India, first bank setup by Indians, origin of SBI/ICICI, subsidiaries of SBI, etc.

Banking services

  • Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank.
  • Demand liabilities vs time liabilities
  • Banker's rights (lien). Know your customer (KYC) norms, Adhar Card enabled payment, Money laundering, Benami transections
  • Types of Bank customers and provisions related to them:
  • Minor-Guardian, partnership firms
  • HUF and karta
  • NRI, PIO
  • joint account holders
  • Married Women
  • partnership firm accounts
  • public/private companies
  • trusts and cooperatives
  • Types of bank accounts and their features:
  • current account, savings account
  • term deposit account, fixed deposit,
  • PPF, senior citizen's account
  • NRE-rupee account, FCNR account, RFC, EEFC, escrow account
  • Allied topic: post office savings account and National savings certificate
  • Unclaimed/dormant accounts, RBI provision for them, Death of customer, insolvent customer, liquidation, Garnishee orders
  • Types of negotiable instruments: bank draft, bank check, promissory note, warehouse receipt, Treasury bills etc.
  • Cheque:
  • order/bearer/travel/bankers cheque
  • endorsement, cheque-crossing,
  • post-dated cheque, what if cheque-date is invalid (31st Feb) or holiday (2nd Oct)?
  • when Bank should not pay, cheque-dishonor (cheque-bouncing)
  • MICR, Cheque truncation, new CTS-system
  • Note refund rule, clan note-policy
  • demand drafts, telegraphic transfers, safe deposit lockers
  • ATM: PIN, HWAK, White Label ATM, third party ATM
  • Debit card, credit card, smart card
  • Mobile Banking, personal banking, tele-banking, corporate banking
  • Online banking:
  • NEFT, RGTS, EFTS, Bankwire, E-commerce
  • networking among banks: INDONET, BankNET, RBINET, SWIFT, Point of Sale (POS) terminal
  • core-banking solutions
  • Electronic signature and Information Technology Act
  • Loans
  • different type of loan products,
  • Subprime lending
  • mortgage, reverse mortgage, collaterals, stamp duty on loan documents
  • lien, set-off
  • Priority sector lending: and its subsectors. How do they apply to Domestic bank vs Foreign bank?
  • bank guarantee, letters of credit
  • Banking Ombudman: powers functions, appeal structure and Consumer courts
  • Bancassurance, cross-selling, universal / narrow / retail banking

Rural banking

  • Rural infrastructure development fund (RIDF) and budget-2013 allocation for RIDF
  • financial inclusion and various government schemes associated with it (covered in my economic survey summaries, available on
  • regional rural banks, their amalgation
  • cooperative banks
  • micro-finance institutions (MFI)
  • primary agricultural credit Society
  • Banking correspondent agents (covered in my article)
  • lead bank scheme, local area banks, service area approach
  • Kisan credit card, interest subvention on crop-loans

Bad Loans

  • What is NPA?
  • Gross NPA versus net NPA
  • Asset classification under NPA (substandard/doubtful/loss)
  • Current figure of NPA? Which bank has highest NPA?
  • Capital adequacy norms, hypothecation
  • CIBIL and credit rating
  • SARFAESI Act and its recent amendment
  • asset reconstruction companies
  • Debt recovery tribunals.
  • Lok Adalats
  • Industrial sickness
  • Board for industrial and financial Reconstruction

International banking

  • Bretton Woods
  • World Bank
  • IMF: SDR, voting rights
  • Who are the Main boss of IMF, World Bank, ADB?
  • bank for International settlement
  • Asian clearing union
  • Islamic Banking

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