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Important GK Question and Answers for Competitive Exams Part-1

Dear Readers. Here is the Rocks Important GK Question and Answers for Competitive Exams Part-1 for your upcoming SSC, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB and other govt jobs and recruitment exams. Detailed General Knowledge Questions and Answers important Gk questions available meritmock portal. You read much more helpful article General Science questions and answers with tests for practice free online here.

{Rocks Important GK Question and Answers}
Q.No. 1. Rocks are broken up into three major groups.
(1) magma, metamorphic, and minerals
(2) igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary
(3) sedimentary, sand, and igneous
(4) sand, mud, and silt
(5) None of these

Q.No. 2. Rocks that come out of volcanoes form the greater part of the Earth's crust. These rocks are________?
(1) igneous rocks
(2) basalt
(3) metamorphic rocks
(4) granite
(5) None of these

Q.No. 3. From deep within the earth molten magma bubbles up, heating rocks t hat surround it. This process turns igneous and sedimentary rocks.
(1) gneiss
(2) slate
(3) marble
(4) metamorphic rocks
(5) None of these

Q.No. 4. This is the name of the solid rock beneath the soil__________?
(1) extrusive rock
(2) limestone
(3) bedrock
(4) granite
(5) None of these

Q.No. 5. Mud, silt, and sand are all__________.
(1) glassy
(2) sediments
(3) fossil fuels
(4) in clouds that come out of volcanoes
(5) None of these

Q.No. 6. Coal is a sedimentary rock made up of organic matter that has become solid. Unlike limestone, coal is made up of___________.
(1) plant fossils
(2) shells
(3) insects
(4) dinosaurs
(5) None of these

Q.No. 7. You can group igneous rocks by the sizes of grains in them. Coarse grained rocks are ____ and fine grained rocks are _____________.
(1) intrusive; extrusive
(2) crystals; minerals
(3) volcanic; metamorphic
(4) intrusive; only made of silica
(5) None of these

Q.No. 8. Diamonds, like many rocks that come from natural resources, are made of compressed.
(1) quartz
(2) aluminium
(3) carbon
(4) kimberlitic
(5) None of these

Q.No. 9. What do all rocks have in common?
(1) same size
(2) same colour
(3) they all have minerals
(4) same shape
(5) None of these

Q.No. 10. What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?
(1) A mineral is more valuable
(2) A rock is made of minerals
(3) A rock is prettier
(4) A and B
(5) None of these


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