Wednesday, 3 August 2016

GK for Bank Exams (Static GK: Quiz)

Q.No.1. Comptroller and Auditor General of India acts as a friend, Philosopher and Guide for:
(a) Public Accounts Committee
(b) Estimates Committee
(c) Finance Ministry
(d) Committee on Public Undertakings

Q.No.2. A writ is issued by
(a) a High Court
(b) a Sub Court
(c) a District Court
(d) an Administrative Tribunal

Q.No.3. Blood cancer is commonly known as
(a) Leucoderma
(b) Leukaemia
(c) Haemophilia
(d) Sickle-cell anaemia

Q.No.4. pH scale ranges from
(a) 0 - 7
(b) 8 - 14
(c) 0 - 14
(d) None

Q.No.5. The 'IBM-DOS' is a
(a) Single user operating system
(b) Multiuser operating system
(c) Batch operating system
(d) Time-sharing operating system

Q.No.6. The Ministry sometimes referred as "Green Ministry" in India is Ministry of
(a) Agriculture and Rural Development
(b) Environment and Forests
(c) Surface and Transport
(d) Urban Development and Landscaping

Q.No.7. A book entitled, 'The Stories of Malgudi Days' was written by
(a) K.R. Narayanan
(b) R.K. Narayan
(c) P.M. Bajpai
(d) Abul Kalam

Q.No.8. "Ranji Trophy" is given to the sport persons in
(a) Football
(b) Hockey
(c) Cricket
(d) Kabaddi

Q.No.9. Special status to Jammu and Kashmir is given by the Indian Constitution under the article
(a) 364
(b) 368
(c) 370
(d) 377

Q.No.10. Food crops comprise:
(a) Cotton, Tobacco, Sugarcane
(b) Linseed, Castor, Turmeric
(c) Food grains, Pulses, Edible oil seeds
(d) Jute, Cotton, Chillies

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