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Bank Exams Logic tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage

Dear Readers. Solving English Reading Comprehension has become an inevitable part of almost every competitive examination. Bank Exams Logic tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage. Today is special for English Reading Comprehension Logic to solve for Bank exam aspirants. Because today you are reading important guide to General English RC solve tips and tricks for online IBPS Bank exams. 

So, In this article you study English comprehension passages with questions and answers with these logic. These Reading Comprehension tips certainly brings you good marks in your Upcoming Bank Exams/tests and all Competitive and Recruitment Examinations.

Do you Know : There is no need to get extra familiar with any particular topic because usually a passage belongs to current affair, science and technology, arts, literature etc. if you read journals, news paper, magazine daily then it will be an advantage for you.

Why do we say that? “I know all the answers, but I didn’t have enough time to solve” 

Are you preparing for bank or competitive exams ? Wow then you must know about How To Improve Reading Comprehension Skills.

One important this please mind :
Quality Vs Quantity  : A qualitative study yields more fruits than quantitative study. Hence, to read and practice with quality content.

There are two types of questions in any passage based on the possibilities and facts mentioned in the passage.
1. The first type of questions are based on the exact information given by the writer.
Example: name of a character/place/person/idea or data.. etc.. mentioned in the passage.

2. The second type of questions are those related to the hidden information provided by the writer.
Example: title of the passage/the massage given by the writer/true and not true… etc.

Important Steps to Solve English Reading Comprehension Questions and Answers in Bank Exams

In Competitive Exams Reading Comprehension skill test is not Hard OR complex, but it depends on smart trick. This test based on analytical ability of the candidate. It needs lot of practice and extra effort to get high marks in exams.
Crack the Reading Comprehension Test you follow these steps helps to give answer that question in short duration:
Logic Step 1. Find the questions related to the vocabulary (Synonyms /Antonyms) and try to answer those first.
Logic Step 2. Find the question that are based on data/nouns as their answers are easy to find.
Logic Step 3. Avoid those questions that are related to the title or the conclusion of the passages.
Logic Step 4. Always focus on whatever the writer wants to say because the writer’s opinion is absolute in the passage.

You add following strategy while you solving RC:-
Here is some General points you should look to extract :
  • Improve reading Speed
  • Practice Online Reading Comprehension
  • Solve previous papers and Practice a lot
  • Use a pen/pencil while reading
  • Improve Your Vocabulary

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