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About Windows Operation System and its Version

Dear Readers. Today we are presenting very helpful study notes on computer for IBPS Bank exams Preparation. This time our topic is 'About Windows Operation System and its Version". Much more candidates are searching in Google search engine query like definition of windows, what is windows operating system OR what is operating system and history of windows, So, today this is end of your search and you get recent and updated detailed free study notes on windows Operating System  PDF notes read here.

About Windows

Windows or win is an operating system created by Microsoft that provides an interface known as Graphical User Interface (GUI) for computers. A window in computer is a separate display area on a computer display screen in a system that allows multiple display areas as part of a graphical user interface ( GUI ). Windows are managed by a programme called windows manager as part of a windows operating system . Below we are providing a GUI operating system list for personal computers.

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Latest version of windows

Here is the important information on the various versions of Microsoft Windows, a major computer operating system developed by Microsoft.

  • Windows 10 (Release 29 July 2015)
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Professional x64
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 1.01 (Release 20 November 1985)

Booting Process

The process of loading or reloading the operating system into the computer’s memory.

Types of booting Process

  1. Cold booting Loads the OS when the power is turned on.
  2. Warm Booting Reloads the OS when the computer is already on.

Key points of windows

Desktop area is where your Desktop icons and open programs appear. To minimize all program windows and display Desktop, press WINDOWS KEY+D on your keyboard.

Task bar The task-bar is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen.

Icons are individual images on the desktop that represent certain programs, information storage items. Important icons are-
(i) My Computer: Use win key + E to open it.
(ii) Recycle Bin: Is a storage area for deleted files and icons.

Start button opens Start menu with recently used programs. You can press WINDOWS KEY to open Start menu (or Start screen), or you can use the CTRL+ESC shortcut if there is no Windows Key on some keyboard.

Quick Launch Bar / Quick Launch Toolbar includes buttons to launch favorite programs.

Notification area includes icons of some running programs and important messages. It also includes current date (in Windows XP) or current time and date.

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Title Bar contains the name of the application or folder. It also contains the standard control buttons. 

Control-Menu Icon allows you to minimize, maximize, restore, or close a window.

Menu Bar/Tab Buttons provides pull down menus to access Windows 98 commands.

Control Buttons allow you to minimize, maximize, restore, or close a window.

The Command Prompt enters the 21st Century
Another quite amazing feature for those of us that use it is that the command prompt is now getting keyboard shortcuts.

In large part, “charms” is a new implementation of the traditional Windows start bar. Charms can also be used to quickly configure settings for individual apps. On an ordinary non-touch PC, charms are accessed by dragging the mouse to the bottom-left corner of the screen, to the same spot as the old Windows start button.

Two Touch Keyboards
Windows 8 also contains two soft keyboards: an “enhanced” traditional keyboard, plus a new thumbs keyboard for non-touch typists.

Native USB 3.0 Support
New USB 3.0 ports operate at speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. To better support these speeds, Microsoft is outfitting Windows 8 with native .

USB 3.0 drivers.
Meanwhile, though, USB 3.0 will purportedly continue to work under Windows 7, through the use of third-party drivers.

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