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Marketing Important Questions (IBPS/SBI/RBI Nabard Bank Exam Special) 25 MCQs

Dear Readers. Today we are here with Marketing questions and answers for upcoming Bank Exams. These sets are also useful for interview. You practice more with Marketing Knowledge for Bank Exams Important Questions and Answers provided by meritmock team. Our previous article related to Marketing Question bank PDF with 100+ questions for SBI PO 2016. After IBPS Exam Though interview preparation is important for all interviews, it is vital for the marketing job. 

In this article you can check 25 questions on marketing knowledge/awareness for bank examinations. MARKETING SET 1 for SBI PO, SBI Clerk ,SBI PO ASSOCIATE and SBI CLERK ASSOCIATE exams. Marketing questions are asked only in SBI exams. 

We received more query from our readers asked us for a list of important Marketing questions. So, in free study notes series you read more questions from this section. This set is based on Previous Year Questions of Marketing and the expected questions for the upcoming SBI PO Mains exam 2016. All the best.

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Q. 1. Market research is useful for ____?
(1) Deciding proper marketing strategies
(2) Deciding the selling price
(3) choosing the right products
(4) choosing the sales person
(5) All of these
Ans. (5)

Q. 2. A call means:
(1) shout out to somebody
(2) profession or business
(3) visiting friends
(4) visiting prospective customers
(5) after‐sales service
Ans. (4)

Q. 3. Conversion means:
(1) meeting a prospective client
(2) interacting with a prospective client
(3) converting an employer into an employee
(4) converting a seller into a buyer
(5) converting a prospective client into a buyer
Ans. (5)

Q. 4. Customization means:
(1) acquiring more customers
(2) regulating customers
(3) special products to suit each customer
(4) more products per customer
(5) All of these 
Ans. (3)

Q. 5. Modern style of marketing include
(1) digital marketing
(2) tele‐marketing
(3) e‐commerce
(4) e‐mails solicitation
(5) All of these 
Ans. (5)

Q. 6. E‐Marketing is the same as
(1) virtual marketing
(2) digital marketing
(3) real time marketing
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

Q. 7. Value‐added services means
(1) costlier products
(2) large number of products
(3) additional services
(4) at par services
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

Q. 8. Aggressive Marketing is necessitated due to:
(1) globalization
(2) increased competition
(3) increased production
(4) increased job opportunities
(5) All of these 
Ans. (2)

Q. 9. Efficient Marketing styles require
(1) proper planning
(2) good communication skills
(3) team work
(4) knowledge of products
(5) All of these 
Ans. (5)

Q. 10. The performance of a salesperson depends on
(1) salary paid
(2) sales incentive paid
(3) sizes of the sales team
(4) ability and willingness of the salesperson
(5) team leader aggressiveness 
Ans. (4)

Q. 11. The sole aim of marketing is to
(1) increase sales
(2) increase the number of employees
(3) increase profits
(4) increase production
(5) All of these 
Ans. (1)

Q. 12. Lead generation means
(1) tips for selling tactics
(2) tips for better production
(3) generating leaders
(4) likely sources for prospective clients
(5) All of these 
Ans. (4)

Q. 13. Find the correct statement:
(1) Marketing is redundant in monopolistic companies
(2) The performance of a salesperson depends on the amount of incentives paid
(3) Marketing is influenced by peer performance.
(4) An increase in market shares indicates fall in business volume.
(5) A mission statement is part of the Company's Prospectus. 
Ans. (5)

Q. 14. Which of the following is the first step in the 'transaction processing cycle', which captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website?
(1) Document and report generation
(2) Database maintenance
(3) Transaction processing
(4) Data Entry
(5) None of these 
Ans. (1)

Q. 15. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is___________.
(1) A pre‐sales activity
(2) A tool for lead generation
(3) An ongoing daily activity
(4) The task of a DSA
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (5)

Q. 16. Bancassurance can be sold to__________.
(1) All banks
(2) All insurance companies
(3) Insurance Agents
(4) All existing and prospective bank customers
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (4)

Q. 17. Cross‐selling is not effective for which one of the following products?
(1) Debit Cards 
(2) Savings Accounts
(3) Internet Banking 
(4) Pension loans
(5) Personal loans 
Ans. (2)

Q. 18. Which of the following is not involved in the Growth Strategies of a company?
(1) Horizontal integration 
(2) Vertical Integration
(3) Diversification 
(4) Intensification
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

Q. 19. A successful "Blue Ocean" requires
(1) Effective communication
(2) Innovative skills 
(3) Motivation
(4) All of the above 
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

Q. 20. Cross‐selling is a basic function of_________?
(1) All employers 
(2) All employees
(3) All salespersons
(4) Planning Department
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (3)

Q. 21. Data mining means analyzing the data stored with__________?
(1) The DSA
(2) The front‐office staff
(3) The back‐office staff
(4) The customers
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

Q. 22. SME means________________.
(1) Selling and Marketing Establishment
(2) Selling and Managing Employee
(3) Sales and Marketing Employee
(4) Small and Medium Enterprises
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

Q. 23. One of the following is not included in the 7 P's of Marketing. Find the same.
(1) Product 
(2) Price
(3) Production 
(4) Promotion
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

Q. 24. The target group of the SME loans is_________.
(1) All businessmen 
(2) All professionals
(3) All SSIs 
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

Q. 25. Home loans can be best canvassed among____________.
(1) Builders 
(2) Flat owners
(3) Land developers 
(4) Agriculturist
(5) Individual wanting to buy a flat or house
Ans. (5)

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