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Marketing Important Questions (IBPS/SBI/RBI Nabard Bank Exam Special) 25 MCQs Part-II

Q.1. Online Marketing is the function of which of the following
(1) Purchase section
(2) Production Department
(3) IT Department 
(4) Design Section
(5) A collective function of all staff 
Ans. (5)

Q.2. Customization is useful for
(1) Designing customer specific product
(2) Call centres 
(3) Publicity
(4) Motivating the staff 
(5) Cold calls 
Ans. (1)

Q.3. The key challenge to market-driven strategy is
(1) Selling maximum products
(2) Employing maximum DSAs
(3) Delivering superior value to customers
(4) Being rigid to changes
(5) Adopting shot-term vision
Ans. (3)

Q.4. Effective selling skills depends on
(1) Size of the sales team
(2) Age of the sales team
(3) Peer strength
(4) Knowledge level of the sales team
(5) Educational level of the sales team 
Ans. (3)

Q.5. Generation of sales lead can be improved by
(1) being very talkative
(2) increasing personel and professional contact
(3) being passive
(4) engaging recovery agent
(5) product designs 
Ans. (2)

Q.6. A market plan is
(1) performance appraisal of the marketing staff
(2) company prospectus
(3) documented marketing strategy
(4) business targets
(5) call center 
Ans. (3)

Q.7. Marketing channels means
(1) delivery objects 
(2) sales target
(3) delivery outlets 
(4) delivery boys
(5) sales teams 
Ans. (3)

Q.8. Social marketing is
(1) share market prices
(2) marketing by the entire society
(3) internet marketing
(4) marketing for the social cause
(5) society bye-laws 
Ans. (4)

Q.9. Service marketing is the same as
(1) internet marketing
(2) telemarketing
(3) internal marketing
(4) relationship marketing
(5) transaction marketing 
Ans. (4)

Q.10. Market-driven strategy includes
(1) identifying problems
(2) planning marketing tactics of peers
(3) positioning the organization and its brands in the market place
(4) internal marketing
(5) selling old products 
Ans. (3)

Q.11. Innovation in marketing is same as
(1) motivation 
(2) perspiration
(3) aspiration 
(4) creativity
(5) team work 
Ans. (4)

Q.12. Personal loans can be canvassed among
(1) salaried person 
(2) pensioners
(3) foreign nationals 
(4) NRI Customers
(5) Non-customers 
Ans. (1)

Q.13. Market expansion means:
(1) Hiring more staff
(2) Buying more products
(3) firing more staff
(4) Buying more companies
(5) None of these 
Ans: 5

Q.14. Effective marketing helps in-
(1) Developing new products
(2) Creating a competitive environment
(3) Building demand for product
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.15. Planned cost service means-
(1) costly products
(2) extra profit on the same cost
(3) extra work by seller
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.16. Rural marketing is not required because-
(1) Rural people do not understand marketing
(2) It is not practical from the cost point of view
(3) It is sheer wastage of time
(4) All of these 
(5) None of these 
Ans: 5

Q.17. In Consumer behavior 'Perception is a process through which-
(1) a consumer make ultimate purchasing
(2) a consumer is satisfied
(3) a consumer's mind receives, organizes and interprets physical time
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 3

Q.18. Sale forecast implies-
(1) an estimate of the maximum possible sales opportunities present in a particular market segment.
(2) an estimate of sales, in physical units, in a future period
(3) Estimating the number of sales person required to sell a product.
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) Neither 1 nor 2 
Ans: 4

Q.19. Advertising for............. is not allowed on T.V.
(1) Liquor 
(2) Cigrattes
(3) Both 1 and 2 
(4) Soaps
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.20. Entrepreneurs find direct marketing attractive because of -
(1) Investment is low
(2) It doesn't required specialized skills
(3) Returns are quick
(4) All of above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.21. A theory states that no matter how efficiently goods/service are produced, if they cannot be delivered to the customer in the quickest possible time it is vain-this theory is called-
(1) Quickest the best 
(2) Instant service
(3) Service on time 
(4) Timely effort
(5) Matter theory 
Ans: 2

Q.22. Demonstration is an exercises to-
(1) attractively pack and display the goods
(2) Prove the characteristic of the product
(3) Both 1 and 2 
(4) Window shop
(5) Neither 1 nor 2 
Ans: 2

Q.23. In selling "Consumption" is the ultimate goal of the sales while a marketer-
(1) Identifies consumer needs and wants.
(2) Develop an appropriate product/service to attain customer satisfaction.
(3) Accomplish organizational goals through integrated marketing approach
(4) all of the above.
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.24. 'Casual' research is basically concerned with-
(1) Establishing cause and effort relationship
(2) Arriving at a forecast or prediction of interest.
(3) measuring and estimating the frequencies with which of things occur
(4) All of above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.25. A method in which brand equity is measured by comparing difference between the retail price of  the brand and the retail price of an unbranded product in same category is called-
(1) Brand goodwill method
(2) price premium method
(3) Production method
(3) Both 1 and 2
(4) Neither 1 nor 2 
Ans: 2

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