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General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam

Dear mm expert readers. Post - General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam : Today we are here with General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam. You know every candidate want to be know about previous ibps asked questions because these all are very helpful for every candidates. Now upcoming bank jobs for readers is available and SBI PO recruitment in under process. So, today we are practicing with this capsule. This capsule include all previous questions (Expected in upcoming exams) in Static General Knowledge for Bank exams.

General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam

Question No. 1. Who’s the author of the book Half Girlfriend? 
Answer. Chetan Bhagat

Question No. 2. Where’s ISRO located? 
Answer. Bangalore

Question No. 3. Eminent personality Sarita Devi is associated to which sport? 
Answer. Boxing

Question No. 4. What’s the capital of Thailand? 
Answer. Bangkok

Question No. 5. Where was SAARC summit 2014 held? 
Answer. Kathmandu, Nepal

Question No. 6. The Banks borrow money from RBI at which rate? 
Answer. Repo Rate

Question No. 7. When is the World Photography Day observed? 
Question No. 8. Which is India’s first ‘Digital Village’? 
Ans: Akodara

Question No. 9. Where’s the Lipulekh Pass situated? 

Question No. 10. What’s the currency of Italy? 
Answer: Euro

Question No. 11. The festival Aadi perukku has it’s origins in which state? 
Answer: Tamil Nadu

Question No. 12. What’s the capital of Sweden? 
Answer: Stockholm

Question No. 13. When’s World Pneumonia Day observed? 
Answer: November 12

Question No. 14. Where’s the HQ of UCO Bank situated? 
Answer: Kolkata

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Question No. 15. Where’s the famous Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium located? 
Answer: Hyderabad

Question No. 16. World’s first airport to operate completely on solar power? 
Answer: Kochin Airport

Question No. 17. Which State has been declared the First Indian digital state? 
Answer: Kerala

Question No. 18. Where would the 2019 cricket world cup be held? 
Answer: England

Question No. 19. When is the World’s Post day observed? 
Answer. October 9

Question No. 20. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is located in which State? 
Answer: Karnataka

Question No. 21. Where’s the HQ of Central Bank of India located? 
Answer: Mumbai

Question No. 22. Varanasi is situated on the banks of which river? 
Answer. Ganga

Question No. 23. PM recently launched MUDRA Yojana to promote which sector? 
Answer: MSME

Question No. 24. What’s the currency of Malaysia? 
Answer: Ringgit

Question No. 25. Where’s the Headquarters of IRDA? 
Answer. Hyderabad

Question No. 26. When is National Hand-loom Day observed? 
Answer: 7th August

Question No. 27. Where is Sepahijola Wildlife Sanctuary located? 
Answer: Tripura

Question No. 28. Where’s the Gaddafi Stadium located? 
Answer: Lahore, Pakistan

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Question No. 29. When is Worlds Vegetarian Day observed?
Answer. October 1

Question No. 30. Where’s the HQ of Punjab National Bank? 
Answer. New Delhi

Question No. 31. World information technology Summit 2018 to be held at? 
Answer. Hyderabad

Question No. 32. Who wrote the book Ghost of Calcutta? 
Answer. S. Ortiz

Question No. 33. Which company has installed India’s first white label ATM? 
Answer.  Tata IndiCash

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