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General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam Part-2

Dear mm expert readers. Post - General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam : Today we are here with General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam. You know every candidate want to be know about previous ibps asked questions because these all are very helpful for every candidates. Now upcoming bank jobs for readers is available and SBI PO recruitment in under process. So, today we are practicing with this capsule. This capsule include all previous questions (Expected in upcoming exams) in Static General Knowledge for Bank exams.

General Awareness questions Capsule for SBI PO Main Exam

Q.1 The United Nations had announced World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on which date to focus global attention on the Problem and Financial abuse of Elders?
Answer: June 15

Q.2. Which animal has become the first known mammal to go extinct due to human caused climate Change?
Answer: Tiny Rodent

Q.3. Which party made the maiden success in Assam to head the State by General Assembly Elections held in 2016?
Answer: Bharathiya Janatha Party

Q.4. Which bank became the first bank globally to offer a dual advantage reward programme?
Answer: ICICI

Q.5. Prime Minister launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana at Ballia for which purpose over the next three years?
Answer: Cooking Gas

Q.6. Who among the following has been appointed as member of US cyber security body?
Answer: Ajay Banga

Q.7. Which agency is responsible for ISBN registration in India?
Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency

Q.8. Who is the Prime Minister of Iceland?
Answer: Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson

Q.9. First semi-high speed train Gatiman Express was flagged off from ___?
Answer: New Delhi

Q.10. Which country has jointly launched ExoMars 2016 with Europe?
Answer: Russia

Q.11. Who has become the Alternate Executive Director at IMF?
Answer: Sunil Sabharwal

Q.12. IBSAMAR 2016 is a naval exercise between India, South Africa and _______?
Answer: Brazil

Q.13. Who has become the Managing Director of IMF?
Answer: Christine Lagarde

Q.14. Which country has launched the ASTRO-H satellite?
Answer: Japan

Q.15. Who has been appointed as United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) head?
Answer: Jai Shanker Menon

Q.16. The World Cancer day is observed on which date?
Answer: February 4

Q.17. Who among the following persons has taken over as Chairman of Tata SIA Airlines Limited?
Answer: Bhaskar Bhat

Q.18. V Rama Rao passed away in Hyderabad. He was the former governor of
Answer: Sikkim

Q.19. Which of the following banks has launched Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) recently?
Answer: Andhra Bank

Q.20. Which of the following Indian states will get the first ever solar, stellar observatory?
Answer: Gujarat

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