Monday, 25 July 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz : for SBI/IBPS Bank Exams 230

Dear Readers, We are here with up to date computer awareness quiz. Because you know that computer awareness MCQs and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests.

Q.No. 1. To get to the ‘Symbol’ dialog box In Microsoft Word, click on the ______ menu and choose ‘Symbol’.
(A) Insert
(B) Format
(C) Tools
(D) Table
(E) None of above

Q.No. 2. In Microsoft Word, the mailing list is known as the ____________.
(A) Data sheet
(B) Source
(C) Data source
(D) Sheet
(E) None of above

Q.No. 3. What is the default font size of a new Word document based on Normal template?
(A) 10 pt
(B) 12 pt
(C) 14 pt
(D) 16 pt
(E) None of above

Q.No. 4. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time?
(A) By pressing Ctrl + ]
(B) By pressing Ctrl + [
(C) By pressing Ctrl + }
(D) By pressing Ctrl + {
(E) None of above

Q.No. 5. What is the smallest width of a column?
(A) 0"
(B) 0.5"
(C) 1"
(D) 1.5"
(E) None of above

Q.No. 6. Which is not a data source component?
(A) mail merge toolbar
(B) header row
(C) data fields
(D) data records
(E) None of above

Q.No. 7. Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as________.
(A) font styles
(B) font effects
(C) word art
(D) text effect
(E) None of above

Q.No. 8. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by__________.
(A) Press Shift + F7
(B) Press Ctrl + F7
(C) Press Alt+ F7
(D) Press F7
(E) None of above

Q.No. 9. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto Calculate mode of Excel is disabled?
(A) F8
(B) F9
(C) F10
(D) F11
(E) None of above

Q.No. 10. MS Excel provides the default value for step in Fill Series dialog box.
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 5
(D) 10 
(E) None of above

Answer Key:
1. a
2. c
3. e
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. b
8. d
9. b
10. b

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