Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Commonly English Confused Words in Grammar

Dear Readers, We are here with Commonly English Confused Words in Grammar list. You study these word in Bank exam English Preparation section.

accept : to agree; to receive
except : but, with the exception of

find : discover
fined : penalized

brake : stop
break : separate into pieces

assent : enthusiastic agreement; to agree
consent : agreement

ad : advertisement
add : to perform addition
ades : fruit drinks
aides : people who help; assistants
AIDS : acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
aids : helps, assists

advice (noun) : recommendation
advise (verb) : the act of giving a recommendation

affect : verb affect when you mean to influence rather than to cause.
effect : Use effect when you mean result.

all ready : means all are ready
already : refers to time

altar : pedestal, usually religious
alter : to modify

allusion : an indirect mention of something
illusion : false perception

any more : something additional or further
anymore : any longer, nowadays

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