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Important Computer Questions for SBI PO/Clerk Main Exam Part:1

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From today we are presenting very most and expected top 10 Computer Questions and Answers series for your upcoming SBI PO Recruitment and SBI Clerk Recruitment Exams. You know that thse exams are very gold opportunity for freshers jobs/Teaching jobs seekers candidates in India. You practice more and more for your better exam preparation and high merit score marks. So you read below Important Computer Questions for SBI PO/Clerk Main Exam Part:1 for better result.

Important Computer Awareness questions answers set-2 (mcq) listing for technical aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI and other competitive exams. You must read Computer Questions asked in bank exams.

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Q. 1. Modulator-de modulator is a device that converts:

1. Digital signal into analog signal
2. Analog signal into digital signal
3. Both A and B
4. None of the above
Ans. 3

Q. 2. Punched cards were first introduced by

1. Powers                                    
2. Pascal
3. Jacquard                                  
4. Herman Hollerith
Ans. 4

Q. 3. What does DMA stand for?

1. Distinct Memory Access        
2. Direct Memory Access
3. Direct Module Access            
4. Direct Memory Allocation
Ans. 2

Q. 4. Which is a volatile memory?

1. ROM                                      
3. PROM                                    
4. RAM
Ans. 4

Q. 5. Which statement is valid?

1. 1 KB = 8 bytes                        
2. 1 MB = 8 KB
3. 1 KB = 1024 bytes                  
4. 1 MB = 1024 bytes
Ans. 3

Q. 6. A Pixel is ………

1. A computer program that draws picture
2. A picture stored in secondary memory
3. The smallest resolvable part of a picture
4. None of these
Ans. 3

Q. 7. Who built the first Mechanical Calculator

1. Joseph Marie Jacquard            
2. John Mauchly
3. Blaise Pascal                          
4. Howard Aiken
Ans. 3

Q. 8. VIRUS stands for

1. Very Important Resource Under Search
2. Virtual Information Resource Under Seize
3. Verify Interchange Result Until Source
4. Very Important Record User Searched
Ans. 2

Q. 9. Which of the following program is not a utility?

1. Debugger                                
2. Editor
3. Spooler                                    
4. all of the above
Ans. 3

Q. 10. MOS stands for _____

1. Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
2. Most Often Store
3. Method Organized Stack      
4. None of these
Ans. 1

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