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Important Computer Questions for SBI PO/Clerk Main Exam Part: 8

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Now a days we are presenting very most and expected top 10 Expected Important Computer Questions and Answers series for your upcoming SBI PO Recruitment and SBI Clerk Recruitment Exams. You know that these exams are very gold opportunity for freshers jobs/Teaching jobs seekers candidates in India. You practice more and more for your better exam preparation and high merit score marks. So today good news for you that all readers can read below Important Computer Questions for SBI PO/Clerk Main Exam Part: 8 for better result.

Important Computer Awareness Questions Answers Set-8 (MCQs) listing for technical aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI and other competitive exams. You must read Computer Questions asked in bank exams.
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Q. 1 – The button that displays the window over the entire screen is

A. scroll box
B. Downsize
C. Restore Down
D. minimize
E. maximize

Q. 2 – The .xls extension is used for……….. Files.

A. Windows
B. Access
C. PowerPoint
D. Word
E. Excel

Q. 3 – To be able to “boot”, the computer must have a (n)

A. Compiler
B. Loader
C. Operating System
D. Assembler
E. None of these

Q. 4 – This is not a function category in Excel…….

A. Logical
B. Data Series
C. Financial
D. Text
E. None of these

Q. 5 – In word, replace option is available on…..

A. File Menu
B. View Menu
C. Edit Menu
D. Format
E. None of these

Q. 6 – What type of keys are ‘ctrl’ and ‘shift’?

A. adjustment
B. function
C. modifier
D. alphanumeric
E. None of these

Q. 7 – Your position in the text is shown by a……..

A. Blinker
B. Cursor
C. Causer
D. Pointer
E. None of these

Q. 8 – Which of the following categories would include a keyboard

A. Printing Device
B. Output Device
C. Pointing Device
D. Storage Device
E. Input Device

Q. 9 – Using Input Device one can

A. Input data
B. store data
C. scan data
D. view or print data
E. None of these

Q. 10 – Why is the Caps Lock key referred to as a toggle key?

A. Because its function goes back and forth every time it is pressed
B. Because it cannot be used for entering numbers
C. Because it cannot be used to delete
D. Because it cannot be used to insert
E. Input Device

Answer Key :
1. e
2. e
3. c
4. b
5. c
6. c
7. b
8. e
9. d
10. a

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