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English Quiz SBI PO and Clerk Main Exam

Dear mm expert readers. Here we are with Expected Practice Model Questions English (SBI PO/Clerk Main Examinations) English Quiz For Bank Exams 2016 available here. You know that The English Language section of the SBI PO recruitment and SBI Clerk Recruitment exam consists of general English questions from various topics such as fill in the blanks, reading comprehension, cloze test etc. This is very important thing that English for bank exam and English practice for banking exams are most compulsory for every candidate who targeting bank jobs.

Directions (Q.No. 1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. 

Certain words are given in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.
The devastating impact of the earthquake in Nepal, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, could have been mitigated if there was some preparedness for the tragedy beforehand. More than 3,800 people in that country and around 40 people in India are reported to have lost their lives while thousands more are injured. 

Nepalis were forewarned about the possibility of a major earthquake, as the country was located on a geological fault line where tectonic plates were constantly on the move below the earth’s surface. The process was expected to release pent-up energy any time following these intense tectonic shifts. Expectedly and unfortunately, nature’s unleashed fury has resulted in a colossal tragedy, especially in the Kathmandu valley, while there is little news about those affected closer to the epicentre in Lamjung district in the hilly tracts of interior Nepal. Of the many natural disasters, earthquakes are the most difficult to predict; some experts suggest that it is even impossible to do so. 

The best of earthquake warning systems, such as the ones installed in Japan, are only capable of warning regional centres about the possible impact of ongoing earthquakes. Yet, there are ways of mitigating disasters ___ building structures that are relatively quake-resistant, preparing for evacuation by constructing centres specifically for the purpose, and sensitising the public about quakes and their devastating impact. Meanwhile, our hearts go out to the Nepali people. It is imperative that the flow of international aid be stepped up to help restore the battered Himalayan state.

Q. 1. What is the meaning of the word “sensitising”?

(a) Creating awareness among students.                          
(b) Making someone or something sensitive to.
(c) Sensitive to light or sound or vibration.                       
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Q. 2. What made author write the above passage?

(a) The Nepal government directed to write about certain disasters in recent times.
(b) The recent disaster compelled him to express his thoughts and facts.
(c) It was the responsibility of the author to do so.
(d) All of the above                                 
(e) None of the above

Q. 3. Choose an appropriate title for the passage.

(a) Lacking Disaster Management      
(b) The Nautical Mile                   
(c)  Sudden Effect
(d) Himalayan Disaster                          
(e) One After Another

Q. 4. What is the synonym of the word “mitigated”?

(a) Reconciliation             
(b) Measured                
(c) Mutilated                  
(d) Assessed                  
(e) Reduced

Q. 5. What does the author mean by the phrase “Geological Fault Line”?

(a) A hypothetical line where the fault is due to plate movement.
(b) A logical Line between the Himalayas and Nepal.
(c) A line that distinguishes Nepal and India.
(d) An imaginary line to be treated as no man’s land.
(e) None Of the above

Directions (Q.No. 6 – 10): In the following questions, each sentence has two blanks; each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for the blanks which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q. 6. An analysis of booking data ……….. by online travel portal has shown 40 per cent of city residents ………… for hill stations for weekend breaks.

(a) conduct, opted       
(b) conducted, opt      
(c) given, opted    
(d) collected, opted     
(e) conducted, chose

Q. 7. Mobile operators are allowed to ……….. network infrastructure like cellphone towers, which has ……….. them reduce cost, but not air waves.

(a) sharing, helping      
(b) shared, helped    
(c) share, help      
(d) collect, helped             
(e) collect, helped

Q. 8. I ……….. a friend named Ankur who ……….. a horse ranch in the city.

(a) have, owns                
(b) got, sells               
(c) need, holds      
(d) possess, runs              
(e) has, buys

Q. 9. Traffic was ……….. on the express way on Saturday as local residents ……….. the road.

(a) disturbed, blocked                    
(b) disrupted, blocked                 
(c) blocked, stopped
(d) jammed, block                           
(e) disrupting, blockage

Q. 10. The incident ……….. place when the victim asked a ……….. of youths for money.

(a) had, group       
(b) take, group              
(c) took, group         
(d) took, herd               
(e) was taken, group

Answer Key:
Ans. 1. (b) 
Ans. 2. (b) 
Ans. 3. (d) 
Ans. 4. (e) 
Ans. 5. (a) 
Ans. 6. (b) 
Ans. 7. (c) 
Ans. 8. (a) 
Ans. 9. (b) 

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