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Computer Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exam

Dear mm expert readers. Post: Computer Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exam - Good news for you that now we are here with Expected Computer quiz questions for upcoming SBI PO 2016 – 2017 and SBI Clerk Exam. you will see more questions everyday, so keep following our site and team, these questions are given by subject experts and Recruitment examination question paper setters. As you all know, the next most important exam in banking is SBI Clerk Main and SBI PO Pre Exam is scheduled in the near upcoming month. So, you say that... Computer Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exam. प्रिय साथियों आप अपने अमूल्य सुझाव एवं प्रतिक्रिया कमेंट बाॅक्स में प्रस्तुत करें ताकि पोर्टल को और अधिक आपके लिए उपयोगी बनाया जा सके। सं.

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Total One Line Quiz Questions : 50

Question No. 51. Computer connected to a LAN can share information and or share peripheral equipment.

Question No. 52. Microsoft office is an application suite

Question No. 53. Utilities can handle most system functions that aren‘t handled directly by the operating system

Question No. 54. If you receive an e-mail from someone you don‘t know then you should delete it without opening it 

Question No. 55. A set of instructions telling the computer what to do is called program 

Question No. 56. LAN refers to a small single site network 

Question No. 57. A collection of programs that controls how your computer system runs and processes information is called operating system. 

Question No. 58. Device drivers are small, special-purpose programs 

Question No. 59. Transformation of input into output is performed by the CPU 

Question No. 60. Data going into the computer is called input. 

Question No. 61. Binary choice offer only two options 

Question No. 62. To indent the first paragraph of your report, you should use tab key 

Question No. 63. Fields are distinct item that don‘t have much meaning to you in a given context 

Question No. 64. A website address is a unique name that identifies a specific web site on the web 

Question No. 65. Modem is an example of a telecommunications device 

Question No. 66. A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing is the best definition of a software package 

Question No. 67. You can start Microsoft word by using start button 

Question No. 68. A blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear is a cursor 

Question No. 69. Highlight and delete is used to remove a paragraph from a report you had written 

Question No. 70. Data and time are available on the desktop at taskbar 

Question No. 71. A directory within a directory is called sub directory

Question No. 72. Testing is the process of finding errors in software code

Question No. 73. In Excel, charts are created using chart wizard option

Question No. 74. Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment system unit, input/output, memory 

Question No. 75. Windows is not a common feature of software applications 

Question No. 76. A tool bar contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands 

Question No. 77. For creating a document, you use new command at file menu 

Question No. 78. Input device is equipment used to capture information and commands 

Question No. 79. A programming language contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm 

Question No. 80. One advantage of dial-up internet access is it utilizes existing telephone security 

Question No. 81. Protecting data by copying it from the original source is backup 

Question No. 82. Network components are connected to the same cable in the star topology 

Question No. 83. Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information form a network 

Question No. 84. A computer checks the database of user name and passwords for a match before granting access 

Question No. 85. Computers that are portable and convenient for users who travel are known as laptops 

Question No. 86. Spam is the term for unsolicited e-mail 

Question No. 87. Utility software type of program controls the various computer parts and allows the user to interact with the computer

Question No. 88. Each cell in a Microsoft office excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is the cell‘s row and column labels 

Question No. 89. Eight digit binary number is called a byte 

Question No. 90. Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate WAN 

Question No. 91. Storage is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk 

Question No. 92. The code for a web page is written using Hyper Text Markup Language 

Question No. 93. Small application programs that run on a Web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as flash 

Question No. 94. In a relational database, table is a data structure that organizes the information about a single topic into rows and columns 

Question No. 95. The first computers were programmed using assembly language 

Question No. 96. When the pointer is positioned on a hyperlink it is shaped like a hand 

Question No. 97. Booting process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly 

Question No. 98. Checking the existing files saved on the disk the user determine what programs are available on a computer 

Question No. 99. Special effect used to introduce slides in a presentation are called animation 

Question No. 100. Computers send and receive data in the form of digital signals

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