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Reasoning Quiz - Seating Arrangement

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The quiz provided here, will help in your upcoming bank exams 2016-2017. Please try to give answer in the comment box. You know that our team are creating Best question samples from Seating Arrangements with explanation. How to Solve Seating Arrangement Questions in SBI PO 2016 Main Exam. These questions and answers are similar useful for IBPS Bank Exams - Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Specialist Officer and SBI PO Recruitment 2016/SBI Clerk Recruitment 2016 exams.

Directions (Q.No.1-7): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

Eight students - A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table but not necessarily in the same order. Three of them facing outward while five are facing towards the center. There are equal number of males and females in the group.

C is facing the center. E is sitting third to the right of C. F is sitting third to the left of E. Three persons are sitting between F and B. The immediate neighbors of B are females. G is sitting third to the right of F. D is sitting third to the right of A. A is not an immediate neighbor of E. The immediate neighbors of E are males and are facing the center. The immediate neighbors of D are females and face outside. The one sitting third to the left of B is a male. No female is an immediate neighbor of G.

Ques.1. Who is sitting second to the right of E?

(1) C                              (2) B

(3) G                             (4) H

(5) None of these

Ques.2. How many students are sitting between H and C when counted from the left side of H?

(1) One                        (2) Two

(3) Three                    (4) Four

(5) More than four

Ques.3. Which of the following statements is true regarding H?

(1) The one who is second to the right of H is a female.

(2) H is facing the centre

(3) H is a male

(4) The immediate neighbours of H are facing outside

(5) None is true

Ques.4. What is the D's position with respect to G?

(1) Third to the left

(2) Third to the right

(3) Second to the left

(4) Second to the right

(5) None of these

For Questions (Q.No. 5-6): Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their seating positions in the above arrangement and hence form a group. Which of the following does not belong to the group?

Ques.5. (1) BE                          (2) CG

(3) GA                          (4) DH

(5) AF

Ques.6. (1) B                             (2) F

(3) G                             (4) A

(5) D

Ques.7. If all the friends are asked of sit in an alphabetical order starting from A in an anticlockwise direction, the positions of how many will remain unchanged (excluding A)?

(1) Four                      (2) Three

(3) Two                       (4) One

(5) None

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Answer Key:

1 (3)

2 (2)

3 (1)

4 (2)

5 (2)

6 (4)

7 (4)

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