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NABARD Bank Exam 2016 Review/Analysis/Expected Cutoffs Paper Solution

Dear mm expert readers. Today After a long time mm team is coming and live now. Good news for our readers that here is the NABARD exam review & expected cutoffs with Complete all sections question paper solution available for download. The NABARD grade 'A' & 'B' exam 2016. We know that NABARD Recruitment Examination 2016 was successfully conducted for the recruitment of Grade A and B Officers. To put you all at ease, here is a detailed NABARD Exam Analysis along with sectional and overall cut off expected for NABARD Grade A and B Officer Recruitment 2016. In our aerlier article NABARD Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips for Grade A and B Exam as Tips to crack the NABARD in first is much useful for all candidates. Many of our mm readers are searching because they are appearing in exam are looking for Study Material and Solved Question papers of Past Exam of NABARD. Exam Analysis & GK Questions asked in Nabard exam available here.

About NABARD Exam/Assistant Manager 2016
The NABARD bank exam for recruitment of assistant manager (Grade 'A)' & manager (Grade 'B') was conducted on 15 May 2016 (15.05.2016). Since Nabard does not get involved in commercial banking like other Public Sector Banks/Units & purely dedicated for agriculture & rural development, many candidates had applied for a total of 115 vacancies.So here is the NABARD exam review & expected cutoffs.

Here is the snapysis of the NABARD Grade 'A' & 'B' exam pattern consists of two phases as similar to like regular IBPS bank jobs. The 1st phase is preliminary examination (prelims) for Total 200 marks.

NABARD Exam Asst. Manager Review 2016: 

Our readers know that with 7 papers/sections & total no.of 200 questions to answer in only 2 hours, how did the candidates perform? This is very serious and critical situation for many candidates. Here we are presenting the exam review. The final review of this NABARD exam (Assistant Manager) is moderate except for reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude section, Because of these two sections/papers, candidates were left with only little time to answer all other sections.

This has also affected the chances of few people who couldnt attend questions even though knowing the answers, due to lack of time.

There is negative mark for wrong answers.So it would also play an important role in lowering the scores further.

Expected Cutoffs Marks:

This is informative news for you that according to NABARD previous year cutoffs if we analyze then we get rough idea for this year cutoffs. Our team predict range is about similar as previous year in different compared. You know that moderate performances of candidates and number of vacancies can change all range of marks. So finally we can say that Expected Cutoffs Marks for NABARD prelims may be (all categories)

(1) English: Cutoff Score 10 - 17
(2) Reasoning: Cutoff Score 11 - 16
(3) Quantitative Aptitude: Cutoff Score 8 - 10
(4) General Awareness: Cutoff Score 7 - 10
(5) Computer Knowledge: Cutoff Score 9 - 15
(6) Agriculture and Rural Development: Cutoff Score 10 - 15
(7) Economic and Social Issues: Cutoff Score 11 - 18

Readers If you had answered the above number of questions correctly in similar mode, you can be hopeful of average qualifying for the NABARD main exams. You say tuned with team mm for latest and updated results/Ans.Key news.

GK/GA Questions Asked in NABARD Exam 2016

Here we are posting some GK Questions asked in NABARD Exam 2016. These questions are from GK, economy and Agriculture section, to give you a fair idea of the pattern that NABARD currently follows.

GK Questions Asked in NABARD Assistant Manager Exam 2016

प्रश्न 1. UAE currency? 
उत्तर : Dirham

प्रश्न 2. IMF Head-quarter? 
उत्तर : Washington DC

प्रश्न 3. UNICEF Head-quarter? 
उत्तर : New York

प्रश्न 4. Ghoomer Dance? 
उत्तर : Rajasthan

प्रश्न 5. Dibang WildLife Sanctuary? 
उत्तर : Arunachal Pradesh

प्रश्न 6. First Railway University? 

प्रश्न 7. Fastest growing state according to GDSP? 
उत्तर : Bihar

प्रश्न 8. Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana related to? 
उत्तर : Tribals

प्रश्न 9. PMFBY is related to? 
उत्तर : Crop Insurance

प्रश्न 10. According to census 2011 urban literacy rate is? 
उत्तर : 86%

प्रश्न 11. According to census 2011 population below age 20 years is ? 
उत्तर : 41%

प्रश्न 12. PMKKKY is related to? 
उत्तर : mining welfare

प्रश्न 13. NarSingh Yadav is related to which sports? 
उत्तर : Wrestling

प्रश्न 14. 12th Five Year Plan Tenure is? 
उत्तर : 2012-2017

प्रश्न 15. Scheme related to rural employment? 
उत्तर : MGNAREGA

प्रश्न 16. Yamini Krishnamurti awarded padma vibhushan for ? 
उत्तर : Art - Dance

प्रश्न 17. Bihu dance is from which state? 
उत्तर : Assam

प्रश्न 18. Capital of Labenese? 
उत्तर : Beirut

प्रश्न 19. Which actor added in parliment by President Pranav mukherjee?

प्रश्न 20.  Pranab inagurated week long "Fest of Innovation" in ? 
उत्तर : Assam University

प्रश्न 21. 2019 cricket world cup venue. 
उत्तर : England

प्रश्न 22. First Aviation Park? 
उत्तर : Ahmdabad

प्रश्न 23. International labour day? 
उत्तर : 1st May

GK Questions From Economy Section:

प्रश्न 1.The plan period of the 12th 5 year plan? 
उत्तर : 2012-2017

प्रश्न 2. Micro Finance Institution registered as NBFC regulated by whom?  
उत्तर : RBI

प्रश्न 3. In 2015 Government revised method of calculating national accounts by revising the base year from 2004-2005 to?

प्रश्न 4. JNNURM is now submitted with whom? 

प्रश्न 5. World economic situations and prospects 2016 report released by which organisation? 
उत्तर : UNO

प्रश्न 6. Atal Pension Yojana is scheme focused on workers in which sector?  
उत्तर : Unorganised workers

प्रश्न 7. IMF head Quarter?
उत्तर : Washington

प्रश्न 8, As per Socio Economic and caste Census( SECC) 2011, what was teh percentage of rural households having no literacy in adults above 25 years?

प्रश्न 9. Samrt City Mission implemented by which ministry? 
उत्तर : Ministry of Urban Development

प्रश्न 10. As per CSO in February 2016, it indicated that  India's per-capita income during 2015-2016 is likely to grow by 6.2 % to what?

प्रश्न 11. NULM now renamed as Deen Dyal Anthopadaya Yojana-NULM, what are the number of statutory bodies covered under them? 
उत्तर : 4041

प्रश्न 12. Seeking to guard investor returns from excessive exchange rate movements, TBI governor has stated that a move towards an inflation target of 4% will help contain volatility in ______ market?

प्रश्न 13. Committee Setup by HRD ministry to draft the new education policies headed by the former cabinet secretary______? 
उत्तर : TSR Subramaniam

प्रश्न 14. Define Deflation.

प्रश्न 15. NSFDC is a Central Public Sector Enterprise under the aegis of the______. Ministry of social उत्तर : Justice 

प्रश्न 16. fastest growing state as per GSDP in Financial year 2014-2015?  
उत्तर : Bihar

GK Questions from the Agriculture Section:

प्रश्न 1. NFL comes under which ministry? 
उत्तर : Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

प्रश्न 2. As per South Asian Region, Kharif crop is cultivated in which months? 
उत्तर : April-Oct

प्रश्न 3. Practice of growing different types of crops in the same area in sequential order is known as?

प्रश्न 4. Which type of meat was single largest item exported in 2014-2015 ? 
उत्तर : Buffalo Meat

प्रश्न 5. Farming of marine organisations like fishes, marine plants, molluscs is known as? 
उत्तर : Aquaculture

प्रश्न 6. Define plantation crop and the types of plantation crops that are there? 
उत्तर : Tea, cofee, coconut, banana

प्रश्न 7. Financial asistance of 1.20 lakhs is provided for construction of PUCCA houses to all the houseless under which Yojana? 
उत्तर : PMAY-Gramin

प्रश्न 8. VYK is aimed at improving the infrastructure and the Human development indices of the ______.

प्रश्न 9. Organic Farming is designed to encourage______. 
उत्तर : Natural Subtances

प्रश्न 10. Annual agriculture and allied sector growth rate as against the target of 4\5 in the 12th five year plan was ______. 
उत्तर : 1.6%

प्रश्न 11. Swach Bharat Abhyan under which ministry? 
उत्तर : Urban Ministry

प्रश्न 12. What are the green house gases? 
उत्तर : Nitrogen is not a Green house Gas

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