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English Quiz for SBI PO/Clerk Exam 2016 and NABARD (79)

Dear Readers. This General article (English for SBI PO and SBI Clerk Exam as well as IBPS and NABARD exams and all Banking Exams) is important for all candidates of SBI Clerk Recruitment 2016 and SBI PO Recruitment 2016 as well as all Banking Exams and Insurance Exams aspirants. This quiz is related to General English for Bank Jobs section. This is based on our series for publishing SBI exams free study notes and quiz material for your better exam preparation and high merit score.

Directions (Q.No. 1-5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q.1. 1) Singapore-headquarterd DBS Bank plans to open fifty branches in India / 2) over the next three years, / 3) a move aimed at benefit / 4) from the country’s new policy for foreign leaders. / 5) No error

Q.2. 1) If the sky-high prices of gold and silver has stood / 2) in the way of your acquiring / 3) these precious metals, / 4) here is a way out. / 5) No error

Q.3. 1) The telecom department has set a deadline / 2) for mobile phone companies to submit supporting documents / 3) failing which a peak penalty / 4) would apply for delays before 30 days. / 5) No error

Q.4. 1) Inspired by the belief that the right kind of education can help overcome / 2) issues of poverty, citizenship, and employment development, / 3) Colbert’s model placed children at / 4) the very heart of education. / 5) No error

Q.5. 1) Historically rich and culturally diverse, / 2) London will not only provide you a world-class education / 3) but also enrich your life / 4) in so much different ways. / 5) No error

Directions (Q.No. 6-10): In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its parts in bold. To make the sentence grammatically correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, give 5) as your answer (ie No correction required).

Q.6. It is historically false to ascribe to Patel achievements which were not his and absolve him fromresponsibility which indisputably fell on him.
1) absolving him from 
2) absolve him of
3) absolving him with 
4) absolve him by
5) No correction required

Q.7. Government’s plan to construct law for communal violence runs into trouble as political parties and civil society groups question its provisions and timing.
1) frame law for 
2) make law about
3) enact law against 
4) form law at
5) No correction required

Q.8. Though CBI has been unable to nail the accused, its invest igati ons have completely ruled out  t he possibility of outsiders have killed Arushi and domestic help Hermraj.
1) being kill 
2) has killed 
3) having killed
4) was killed 
5) No correction required

Q.9. The murder of five girls has puzzled police, who is now investigating into all angles in the case.
1) who are now investigating
2) who is now investigating
3) who is now investigating about
4) which is now investigating regarding
5) No correction required

Q.10. India declared a five-day state mourning as a marks of respect to Nelson Mandela.
1) sign of regards 
2) a mark for respect
3) an emblem of honour 
4) a mark of respect
5) No correction required

Answer Key:-

Q.1. (3); Replace ‘benefit’ with ‘benefitting’

Q.2. (1); Replace ‘has’ with ‘have’

Q.3. (4); Replace ‘before’ with ‘beyond’

Q.4. (5);

5. (4); Replace ‘much’ with ‘many’

Q. 6 (2)
Q. 7 (3)
Q. 8 (3)
Q. 9 (1)
Q. 10 (4)

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