Thursday, 5 May 2016

English Quiz For SBI PO/Clerk and Banking Exam 2016

Dear readers. This time we are here with English Quiz For SBI PO/Clerk and Banking Exam 2016. You know that from English Section, English Quiz For Bank Exams is very important for every candidate(s). Here we are presenting some of the questions and answers for your upcoming SBI PO recruitment 2016 exams and SBI Clerk recruitment 2016 exams. This English quiz is much more also helpful for all govt jobs like SSC, India Railway Exam (RRB NTPC Exams)/ Insurance Exams and competitive recruitment exam aspirants in India. You practice more and more with mm questions and answers for your better merit score and examination result. 

Directions(Q.No.1-6): Fill in the blanks with the correct Tense of the verb from the given options:

Q.1. As soon as he________he went for a walk.
1. eats
2. has eaten
3. had eaten
4. will eat
5. None of these

Q.2. I________on the project since yesterday.
1. was working
2. shall work
3. work
4. have been working
5. None of these

Q.3. I you________hard, you will drill the nail in.
1. will hit
2. hit
3. are hitting
4. have hit
5. None of these

Q.4. I___________him next month.
1. had visited
2. have visited
3. shall visit
4. visited
5. None of these

Q.5. She________your party if you had invited her.
1. would have gladly attended
2. will gladly attend
3. was to gladly
4. would gladly attend
5. None of these

Q.6. Do you know her?
1. Does she know you?
2. Are you known to her?
3. Is she known to you?
4. Has she been known by you.
5. None of these

Directions(Q.No. 7-10): Insert the appropriate Articles or Determiners in the blanks from the below given options:

Q.7. I found________hundred rupee note under the pillow.
1. an
2. a
3. the
4. No article

Q.8. He is doing his M.C.A. from_________university in England.
1. an
2. the
3. a
4. No article

Q.9. He is______a procedure and a director.
1. either
2. all
3. neither
4. both
5. None of these

Q.10.  I normally have________buttermilk with my lunch.
1. little
2. some
3. few
4. a few
5. None of these

Q.11. 'You had finished your work before I came. इस वाक्य का हिन्दी में सही रूपान्तरण होगा-
1. मैं आया उससे पूर्व क्या तुम अपना काम कर चुके थे?
2. तुम्हारे कार्य समाप्ति से पूर्व ही मैं आ गया था।
3. मैं आया उससे पूर्व तुम अपना काम समाप्त कर चुके थे।
4. कार्य समाप्ति से पूर्व ही मैं आ चुका था।
5. None of these

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