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DBMS Question Bank for IBPS/SBI SO/PO/Clerk Exams PDF Download

DBMS Question Banks : So we collected some important questions from DBMS Concept. We have already posted an article Download DBMS Q&A PDF for IBPS SO – IT Officers for your upcoming bank jobs exam. In this article we are publishing and sharing for your Data Base Management (DBMS) section for IBPS Bank PO and Clerical Exams. From these many questions asked in previous ibps bank exams.

This is a PDF format question bank for your download purpose. You read this capsule as Computer awareness preparation for bank exams. This is based in series of our mm team free study notes and quizzes material.

1. Who is a DBA? What are the responsibilities of a DBA?

2. What is a data model? List the types of data model used. 

3. Define database management system? 
4. List any eight applications of DBMS. 
5. What are the disadvantages of file processing system? 
6. What are the advantages of using a DBMS? 
7. Give the levels of data abstraction? 
8. Define instance and schema? 
9. Define the terms
1) Physical schema
2) logical schema. 
10. Mention the actors on scene.
11. What is conceptual schema? 
12. Define data model? 
13. What is storage manager? 
14. What are the components of storage manager? 
15. What is the purpose of storage manager? 
16. List the data structures implemented by the storage manager . 
17. What is a data dictionary? 
18. What is an entity relationship model? 
19. What are attributes? Give examples. 
20. What is relationship? Give examples 
21. Define the terms i) Entity set ii) Relationship set
22. Define single valued and multivalued attributes. 
23. What are stored and derived attributes? 
24. What are composite attributes?
25. Define null values
26. Define the terms i) Entity type ii) Entity set 
27. What is meant by the degree of relationship set? 
28. Define the terms
i) Key attribute
ii) Value set 
29. Define weak and strong entity sets? 
30. What does the cardinality ratio specify? 
31. Explain the two types of participation constraint. 
32. What is meant by lossless-join decomposition? 
33. List the disadvantages of relational database system 
34. What is first normal form? 
35. What is meant by functional dependencies? 
36. What are the uses of functional dependencies? 
37. Explain trivial dependency? 
38. What are axioms? 
39. What is meant by computing the closure of a set of functional dependency? 
40. What is meant by normalization of data? 

1. Define the terms i) DDL ii) DML 
2. What is embedded SQL? What are its advantages?
3. Write short notes on relational model 

4. Define tuple and attribute
5. Define the term relation. 
6. Define tuple variable 
7. Define the term Domain. 
8. What is a candidate key? 
9. What is a primary key? 
10. What is a super key? 
11. List the table modification commands in SQL?

1. What are the ACID properties? 
2. What are two pitfalls (problem) of lock-based protocols?
3. What is transaction? 
4. What are the two statements regarding transaction? 
5. What are the properties of transaction? 
6. What is recovery management component?
7. When is a transaction rolled back? 
8. What are the states of transaction? 
9. List out the statements associated with a database transaction? 
10. What is a shadow copy scheme? 
11. Give the reasons for allowing concurrency?
12. What is average response time? 
13. What are the two types of serializability? 
14. Define lock? 
15. What are the different modes of lock? 
16. Define deadlock?

You read more questions and answers for DBMS section in Bank Exams 
DBMS Question Bank for IBPS/SBI SO/PO/Clerk Exams PDF Download Here

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