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Computer Awareness for SBI PO/Clerk and Bank Exams 2016

Welcome back mm expert readers. In our Computer Awareness for SBI PO/Clerk and Bank Exams 2016 Quiz section, Today we are providing our readers with Computer Awareness Quiz for latest Bank IBPS CWE PO/Clerk Exams. Take the quiz and see your progress level for recruitment exams. Computer Awareness Questions for IBPS Bank PO, Bank Clerical 2016, SBI Clerical 2016, SBI PO 2016 and other examinations with questions on Computers knowledge in Banking Industry. Always read mm team well defined set of quizzes for ibps /sbi/nabard/ssc and Railway Exam computer awareness.

एमएम पाठक पढ़ते है कुछ अलग, इसलिए हम नहीं पाठक ही कहते है मेरिट में आने के लिए मेरिट मॉक पढ़ना जरूरी है, तभी तो जब सभी पढ़े मेरिट मॉक तो आप क्यों नहीं?

Here is the Online Test of selected imp. and expected top 10 questions and answers for Computer section. In bank exams computer awareness mcqs and computer knowledge questions answers are required in more competitive exams. You enter in top bar menu for Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz questions and answers with explanation for LIC AAO, RRB Railway jobs, bank jobs, ibps, interview, competitive examination. You read more free study notes PDF/Capsule and download useful material for competitive and Bank exams.

You know that our mm team continue posting Sets of Computer Awareness quizzes from recent IBPS, SSC, LIC AAO and Railways exams. Very important for upcoming banking exams. All questions on Computer Awareness Online Quiz for SBI PO Recruitment 2016 as well as similar useful for SBI Clerk Recruitment 2016 candidates.

Q.1. Who is The Founder of Bluetooth? 
1. Ericson  
2. Martin Cooper 
3. Steave Jobs  
4. Apple
5. None of These

Q.2. A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called _______?
1. Program Design 
2. Computer Programming 
3. Algorithm 
4. Operating system
5. None of These

Q.3. An operating system _______.
1. consists of programs that help in the operation of computer 
2. is always supplied with the BASIC 
3. is always build with the computer  
4. is not required on large computers
5. None of These

Q. 4. ASCII code is a ......... bit code.
1. 7 
2. 12 
3. 64 
4. 1014
5. None of These

Q. 5. What cable connects a cable modem to a wireless router?
1. CAT5 cable 
2. VGA 
3. HDMI 
4. FireWire
5. None of These

Q.6. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as?A: 
1. Web server 
2. Application server 
3. Database server 
4. FTP server
5. None of These

Q.7. Ethernet uses _________.
1. Star topology 
2. Ring topology 
3. Tree topology 
4. Bus topology
5. None of These

Q.8. A large number of computers in a wide geographical area can be efficiently connected by _________.
1. Coaxial cables 
2. Communications satellites 
3. USB cables 
4. WAN cables
5. None of These

Q.9. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are ________.
1. Semantic errors 
2. Logical errors 
3. RAM errors 
4. Syntax errors
5. None of These

Q.10. SHIFT+F10 key is used to?
1. Display the shortcut menu for the selected item 
2. Close the console 
3. To select the first subfolder 
4. Display help
5. None of These

Answer Key:
Read more Computer Study notes and Quizzes here
1. 1
2. 3
3. 1
4. 1
5. 1
6. 3
7. 4
8. 2
9. 4
10. 1


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