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RRB NTPC 1st/2nd shift 12th April 2016 Question Paper & Answer Key Solution

RRB NTPC 1st/2nd shift 12th April 2016 Question Paper & Answer Key Solution : 
We Have Once Again Come Up With the Railway NTPC CBT Exam 2016 General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) CBT NTPC Exam Shift-1, 2 and 3 (12.04.2016). This is complete RRB NTPC – GK QUESTIONS ASKED ON 12TH APRIL 2016 download link here.

Latest News Update : This is recent news about Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) NTPC CBT 2016 gk questions And answers are available here. Now you can get all gk questions And Answers for Railway Examination.The Railway Recruitment Board will conduct the examination as per rrb exam date. The answer key is available here shift wise, such as 1st shift, 2nd shift , 3rd Shift or morning shift and evening shift of 12 April 2016 (today 12.04.2016 exam). 

RRB Railway NTPC Exam 12th April 2016 3rd shift Gk Question Paper

Question : World’s Poisonous Fish – 
Answer : Stone Fish

Question : World Heritage Day – 
Answer : 18th April

Question : Who was the Australia’s captain in 1997  Cricket World cup – 
Answer : Allan Border

Question : Who came after Mauryas – 
Answer : Sunga Dynasty

Question : Dholavora comes under which – 
Answer : Gujrat,Indus Civilization

Question : Borobudur Temple located in –
Answer : Indonesia

Question : Diamond is hardened because of which element – 
Answer : Carbon

Question : What is Apgar Score Test – 
Answer : To quickly summarize the health of newborn children

Question : Which is called black gold  – 
Answer : Coal

Question : Who is Bhabha Atomic Research Director – 
Answer : Sekhar Basu

Question : Jeans was First Marketed by – 
Answer : Lee(American)

Question : Which instrument measures Atmospheric Pressure – 
Answer : Barometer

Question : What is the Chemical name of Vinegar – 
Answer : Acetic Acid

Question : Who is the 8th CM Of Arunachal Pradesh – 
Answer : Kalikho Pul

Question : Who wrote Book To kill a mocking bird – 
Answer : Harper Lee

Question : Who won noble prize in Physics in 2015 – 
Answer : Arthur B. McDonald, Takaaki Kajita

Question : Who is the President of Pakistan – 
Answer : Mamnoon Hussain

Question : Who is the winner of Women’s Australian Doubles – 
Answer : Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza

Question : What is TBasic –  
Answer : Programming Language

Question : First Woman Ruler of Delhi Sultanate –  
Answer : Razia Sultan

Question : Dipa Karmakar is Related to –  
Answer : Gymnastics (Sports)

Question : Which Prime Minister hoisted flag at Red Fort for the maximum times – 
Answer : Jawahar Lal Nehru

Question : Which Planet named after Roman God – 
Answer : Venus

Question : Who is Nargis Dutt – 
Answer : Film Actress

Question : Hydro power plant converts Mechanical Energy into – 
Answer : Electrical Energy

RRB Railway NTPC Exam 12th April 2016 2nd shift Gk Question Paper

Question :Which of the following came in India first for trade- 
Answer : Pourtugal

Question :Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal- 
Answer : Aluminium

Question :Who was founder of Pal Dynasty – 
Answer : Gopal

Question :LTTE is a militant organisation of – 
Answer : Srilanka

Question :Cholera is transmitted by-
Answer : Bacteria

Question :The magic mantras are studied in – 
Answer : Atharva Veda

Question :Who was founder of Pal Dynasty– 
Answer : Gopal

Question :Who founded the Gupta Empire – 
Answer : Srigupta

Question :Abhishek Verma belongs to which sport – 
Answer : Archery

Question :Osama Bin Laden killed at which place – 
Answer : Abbottabad in Pakistan

Question :How many candidate nominated by President in Rajya Sabha – 
Answer : 12 Members

Question :Pace Maker Related to Which Organ – 
Answer : Hear

Question :Who was the first President of the US – 
Answer : George Washington

Question :When is the world Environment day observed – 
Answer : 5th June

Question :Mixed economy envisages – 
Answer : Private and Public Sectors

Download NTPC Exam March and April 2016 All shift Gk Question Paper - Click here

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