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RRB GK Questions Asked (4 April 2016) Railway NTPC Exam

Railway RRB NTPC Exam 2016 GK Questions Asked On 4 April 2016 Online Exam With Answer Key
Railway Recruitment Board – RRB gk questions NTPC 2016 with the answer recent complete full review sets are available here. Now you can get all latest information and questions for Railway Online Examination, which asked on following exam dates. We also modify this article on the regular basis for candidates, you just need to BOOKMARK this page. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will conduct the examination as per rrb exam date. The answer key is available here for your review as shift wise, such as 1st shift, 2nd shift or morning shift and evening shift of 4 April 2016.

The RRB GK Questions is also available for 28/03/2016, 29/03/2016, 30/03/2016 and 31/03/2016 examination with answer key. The online test will conduct at various rrb examination centers in India. All examination centers have already mentioned at the rrb admit card. Other examination questions such as 2/04/2016, 3/04/2016, 4/04/2016, 5/04/2016, 6/04/2016, 7/04/2016, 9/04/2016 and 10/04/2016 will publish here, just stay tune this page and visit on the regular basis.

Check Asked General Knowledge (GK) Questions for Following RRB Exam Dates
  • April 2, 2016 Questions
  • April 3, 2016 Questions
  • April 4, 2016 Questions

SL 4 April 2016 (1st Shift) Railway Qustions Its Answers
1 When was economic liberalisation in India started? 1991
2 Which is Laccadive Sea? Lakshadweep Sea
3 Name of the parent company of Google? Alphabet
4 Who wrote unknown Indian? Nirad C. Chaudhuri
5 Name of India’s first satellite? Aryabhata
6 Where is shore temple located? Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
7 Who is Father of White Revolution? Verghese Kurien
8 Who was the brand ambassador of Seychelles? AR Rahman
9 What is Victoria Memorial? Museum
10 Who was the Governor-General after Mountbatten? C.Rajagopalachari
11 When is Earth Day? 22-Apr
12 On which planet NASA found water? Mars
13 Who wrote Calvin and Hobbes comic strip? Bill Watterson
14 What is the full form of GSM? Global System for Mobile Communication
15 What is the full form of DNA? Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid

4 April Question 2nd Shift Answers
What is the full form of IPTL? International Premier Tennis League
Where is Valley National Park? Ohio, United States
What is right about Zika Virus? It’s transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes
Servant of India Society was founded by – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Why does Government of India act 1935 was important? It is the primary source of Indian Constitution
In the rebellion of 1857, a maximum number of soldiers were in – Awadh
Yellow color in Papaya is because of – Carotene
Richest Source of Vitamin A is? Carrots
What is the full form of UPS? Uninterruptible Power Supply
Did Einstein get the Nobel Prize for his theory of – Law of Photoelectric effect
Indian Institute of Vegetable Research is located at – Varanasi

4 April – 3rd Shift Questions Answers
First woman doctor in world? Elizabeth Blackwell
Which Acid in grapes? Tartaric
Who build jantarmater in delhi? Sawai Jai Singh II
What is the national game of China? Table Tennis
South Africa currency? Rand
What are the No of players in polo? 4
Who commisioned tajmahal? Shah Jahan
Nearest galaxy to milkway? Andromeda galaxy
How many Muscles uses for eyeball? 6 Muscles

SL RRB 3/04/206 Questions – 1st Shift Answers
1 Where is Orang National Park? Assam
2 What is the Operation Name of 1998 Pokhran Test? Shakti
3 Chipko Movement firstly started in – Rajasthan
4 Which is the cleanest city in India? Mysore
5 What is the newest member of WTO? Afghanistan
6 Anjolie Ela Menon is from which field? Artist
7 Which is not an Operating System? C++
8 Is Male the Capital of Which Country? Maldives
9 Where is the Capital of Uganda? Kampala
10 What is Siberian ibex? Species
11 Which does Vitamin help in Vitamin clotting? Vitamin K
12 What is Makarsankranti? Hindu Festival
13 Longest River in India which doesn’t fall in Sea? Yamuna
14 Which is most peaceful country as per the 2015 peace index? Iceland
15 Mica is found in which state of India? Jharkhand
16 If H2o is water than what is KOH? Potassium Hydroxide
17 What do Madhubani paintings indicate? Forest of Honey
18 Which crop is produced in highest quantity in India? Rice
19 What do archipelagos mean? A group of small island
20 What is Planet X? Nibiru cataclysm
21 What is the Longest Rail Route in India? Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Railway
22 Gandhi Portrait? Prashant Goldsmith

SL RRB 3/04/206 Questions – 2nd Shift Answers
1 Is Holi celebrated with – Gulal
2 What is LIGO? Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
3 Which is most abundant natural combustible gas? Methane
4 1896 Olympics held first time at – Athens
5 India got freedom on 15 August on which time? Night
6 Make in India Logo is? A Moving Lion
7 What does BESK Stand? Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator
8 What is Simo? Festival
9 Sikkim became the state in which year? 1975
10 Where is Adhai din ka jhopda? Ajmer
11 Who is the author of Malgudi Days? R.K. Narayan
12 Which is Largest Fresh Water Lake in India? Wular Lake
13 Foundation Year of Arunachal Pradesh is – 1972
14 “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher” is the quote by? Dalai Lama
15 Is Limerick? A five-line poetry
16 What is Oneirology? Study of Dreams
17 Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999? Nawaz Sharif
18 Where is Headquarter of UNO? New York
19 What was the duration of PM Modi’s America visit in 2015? 5 Days
20 Who is Karl Mars? Philospher
21 Change in position with distance is? Magnitude
22 Gravitational force on two subjects depends on – Combined mass and the distance

SL RRB Question on 2 April Exam (1st Shift) Answers of questions
1 Jallianwala Bagh tragedy Year – 13-Apr-19
2 Where will be next Rugby World Cup – Japan
3 Minimum Age to become PM in India – 25 Years
4 Who designed the Indian Parliament Building – Sir Edwin Lutyens
5 What is NACL – Salt
6 Ashoka was from which Dynasty – Mourya Dynasty
7 What is currency of Korea – Won
8 In which state Saffron is produced – Jammu & Kashmir
9 When is Indian Project Tiger Institute – 1973
10 Which Country got Independence in 2011 – South Sudan
11 Who won Nobel Peace Prize award in 2011 – Tawakkol Karman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee
12 Shah Jahan Build what – Jama Masjid in Delhi
13 Who invented X-Rays – W.C Roentgen
14 Women participated all events in which Olympics – 2012, London
15 Emergency is borrowed from which country – Germany
16 What term related to Badminton – Wood shot, Hairpin shot
17 Which year Srilanka got Independence – 1972
18 Homo sapiens is scientific name of – Man
19 What is capital of Gujarat – Gandhinagar
20 Who was the first man to reach outer space – Yuri Gagarin
21 River Brahmaputra doesn’t flow in which country – Myanmar
22 In which cells Mitochondria doesn’t exist – Liver
23 Who Invented Periodic Table – Dmitri Mendeleev
24 Which country developed fastest acting anti-rabies vaccine – India
25 Recent creature which lives without water for ten years – Kangaroo Rat

SL RRB GK Questions 2 April exam (2nd Shift) Railway Answer Key
1 Which was first Geostationary Satellite on 1981? Apple
2 Who is the Father of Indian Space Programs? Vikram Sarabhai
3 What is called White Desert of India? Rann of Kuch desert
4 First woman President of Pakistan? Benazir Bhutto
5 National Song of India was composed by – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
6 On which planet frozen water is found – Pluto.
7 How many bones an Infant baby have? 300
8 How many tastes buds are present in tongue? 5
9 What is the Ratio of Indian Fleming? 03:02
10 Who established Mughal Dynasty? Babar
11 What did Alexander Fleming discover – Penicillin
12 Which colour has the lowest frequency? Red
13 What is there in Article 21 A? Free and compulsory education of all children
14 What is the molecular formula of Sugar? C12H22O11
15 Which is light metal in Room Temperature? Mercury
16 Which monument is related to plague eradication in India? Charminar
17 Is tennis played on Which Surface? Hard, Grass and Clay courts.
18 Oldest oil reserves in India? Digboi
19 White desert in India? Rann of Kuch desert
20 First President of Indian National Congress? W.C.Bonnerjee
21 Noble prize recipient of India in 2014 for peace? Kailash Satyarthi
22 Kidney stone is caused by – Calcium Oxalate
23 Who introduced Orthodox Christianity in Russia? Vladimir
24 The height of badminton net above ground level? 1.524 meter
25 World’s first space tourist? Dennis Tito
26 Air conditioner was invented by – Willis Carrier

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve is in which country - Kenya
2. Sabari Karthik is related to which sport - Karate

3. Srilanka capital - Colombo
4. Which is the cleanest city of India - Mysore
5. Which country is the newest member of WTO - Afghanistan
6. Which Vitamin helps in blood clotting - Vitamin K
7. What is Makarsankranti - Hindu Festival
8. Where is Orang National Park situated - Assam
9. What is the Operation Name of 1998 Pokharan Test - Shakti
10. Anjolie Ela Menon is related to which field - Artist
11. Chipko Movement firstly started in - Rajasthan
12. Madhubani painting is related to which state - Bihar
13. Male is the Capital of which country - Maldives
14. Capital of Uganda - Kampala
15. What is Siberian ibex - Species
16. Global peaceful index 2015 which country got 1st place - Iceland

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