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LIC AAO Exam 2016 Interview Experience 28 April 2016

Dear mm expert readers. In this article today we are sharing LIC AAO Exam 2016 Interview Experience 28 April 2016 Part for your knowledge. You know that interview process running and much more candidates are appearing in this process. Here you read all some important facts for that and ready for your target career and dream job in LIC.

Experience : 1
interview experience of mine.....
panel members are having very good, supportive nature....
they asked just basic i am from bareilly they asked me something related to bareilly....some general questions from insurance...why not bank PO?why don't u opt for civil services?why u want to join LIC in this early age, there r many opportunities open for u(as i m 23..also fresher)technical-what is the difference in mechanical and industrial and production engg(as i am an industrial and production engg and its core branch is mechanical)bernoulli theoremhow can heat be transmitted.

wat r tourist places in karnataka(as 2 members in the panel r from south)
ur hobbies.
swach bharat is it useful...don't u think govt is wasting a lot of money.
hav u given any other exam of LIC like ADO.
wat an ADO job is??

PS-kindly have some technical knowledge of ur subject...coz kuch log bol re the ki unse technical jyada poocha...
aur apne area k bare m thdi info jrur le lena.

Experience : 2

Another Patna Interview Experience -Detailed.
This was my first interview outside campus placements. My interview experience was a bit out of the comfort zone. There were moments when I completely blanked out.
I was the 20th (out of 24) candidate for the day. Nearly all the officers and staff had left office by 5pm.It was already 7 pm. Even the security personnel were packing their bags. "For the building was dark and full of terrors"(GoT fever). Only 2 rooms were lively, both buzzing with the sound of Voltas Air conditioners and glowing with CFL bulbs fitted into the carved wooden ceilings.
My name was called. Then one of the guards asked me to sit outside the interview chamber for 5 minutes. At this juncture, I was just trying to suppress my nervousness by thinking that the interviewers were not Gods or Demons. They were just as human as us. They also commit mistakes.
Next, I increased my oxygen intake by taking deep breaths.
But all this went into vain the moment I entered the interview chamber. There were three members; all nearly 60.The size of the room itself gave me a sort of panic attack. And then the first look daunting personalities of the interviewers were adding all kinds of flavours to my emotions.
I gathered some strength, wished them. I was asked to sit down very politely by M3.M1 was in the middle and he was glancing my bio-data form. I think, probably, he was the Zonal head.  Then started the Q&A.
 M1:So you are?
A:I am X(name) from Y(place of residence).I did my from Z(institute name).
(Then as I saw that none of them were looking at me, so I stopped. I had prepared a whole page for the intro and this was what I said. God save me!)
(After a silence of half a minute in the room)
 M1:So your father is a businessman. What business?
M1:What changes have been due to social media?
A: 1.Connectivity,a shorter world
    2.Branding and marketing
    3.Political propaganda
    4.Religious indoctrination (by terror groups)
M1:How can social media be used for marketing?
A:By advertisements and by using these platforms for direct interaction with customers.
(Could not think much)
M1:So how is e-commerce related to social media?
A:Blanked out. Repeated same thing about branding and marketing.
M1:What do you think about these e-commerce businesses?
A:Situation at present may lead to a e-commerce bubble burst, as had happened during the 2008 realty bubble burst. None of the indian e-commerce businesses have become profitable. They are running in huge losses. Recently, campaign on twitter to save flipkart. The model is not sustainable.So they are diversifying their business. Amazon is the sole profiting entity and amazon has done so by diversifying.
(I cant tell whether they were satisfied with the answer or if they wanted some positive reviews too. They were just nodding their heads to my answer.)
M1:What is a startup?
A:Gave a half-baked answer-A  new business in which there is some sort innovativeness or creativity and there are angel investors, who invest in these and promote them.
(Added the angel investor thing just to somehow complete a definition)
M1:So why to invest in startups?
A:Businesses are evolving. Though e-commerce is still not sustainable but they have captured the market from the brick & mortar shops. So experimenting is necessary. This requires investment. And there have been many success stories around the globe & in India. Eg-Zomato.
M1:But for what do these startups need money for?
A:Explained through an eg.-an event management start up.They need money for hiring developers to work on their apps. Promotion & branding. Building Customer base.
M2:What is a Media trial?
A: The accused (whether innocent or guilty)are indicted based on popular notions prevalent in the society and the media circles. Hampers justice. Makes a society biased. May affect judiciary's decisions.Eg-Aarushi talwar case,Sheena bora case.
M1:So these media trials should be done away with?
A:But there is Freedom of Speech & Expression.
  (I was going to explain more,but, the moment I said Art 19,M1 became a little more active. He interrupted me)
M1:This FoS.Every one knows what is happening on due to FoS.
(Now I got that we will be going through the JNU case. But I kept mum.)
(Its M2 now, but a complete opposite picture for JNU)
M2:No,No.What ever happened there was different. Something was said. But it was made a completely different thing by the media and the govt. Was it deshdroha?(smiling bitterly)
M3:No, Sedition. Ha, ha, ha....
(Whether there was a conflict of opinion among them or whether they were checking my response, I couldn't make that out. So, I just kept mum. I nodded my head, with a smile.)
M1:So why don't  you think of going for a startup? Your father is in business. So, you are financially capable.
(Again startup!!!)
A:I have never thought of it. Moreover, my fathers' business is not that good. There are financial constraints.
M1:Ok,Ok.But there are loans available.
M2:What is insurance?
A:A contract ,risk gets expanded,etc.
M2:What is needed for an insurance?
A:The insurer and the Policyholder.
M2:You mean the insured?
A:Oh,yes yes.
M2:What is indemnity? Have you heard of it?
A:Yes sir, I have heard about indemnity bonds. But I don't know its meaning.
M2:What is a contract?
A:Blank.Said something.
M2:What is needed for a contract?
(M2, himself started giving the answer. Of the three things needed, I said about only one, while he was explaining.)
M1:So what were you doing after 2014(grad year)?
A:I was placed in X. Salary not upto industry standards. Y is giving twice the salary given by X. So I left my job and started preparing for various competitive exams.
M1:So why did you not take placement in Y?
A:Y came during 3rd year. Gave PPO to just one from my branch. I was not prepared. I could not make it.
M1:Any other scope in your branch? You have studied it 4 years. And it wont be of any use here.
A:There is one PSU. But it is marred with corruption and it has stopped any recruiting.
M3:I will give you a single word. Explain it- "Corruption".
A:Public & pvt Corruption. Public corruption is highlighted, pvt gets away. Explained about public corruption with eg. Then about pvt.
M3:So is it harmful?Effect on economy?
A:Rich getting preference. Small entrepreneurs ignored. Tax evasion. Rupee  sent away to offshore locations.May cause inflationary pressures,etc.
(I could have said many things. But it slipped.)
M1:Do you have any other job offers?
M1:Ok.What are your hobbies?
A:Playing Cricket, Watching TV Series.
M1:What? TV Serials?
A:No, No. English TV Series & Anime.
M1:Cricket.What are you?
A:A batsman.
M1:Which position?
M1: So what is special about Opening?
A:No matter, how much one analyses a pitch by looking at the grass and cracks, it is the opener who has to first taste it. Bla,bla,bla...
M1:What do you like playing? Spin or pace bowling. Why?
A:Pace. Because Spin can be tricky.You have adjust yourself as per the bowler. But for most pace bowling, it's the same.
M1:Who is your favourite player?
M1:Any one from yesteryears?
M1:Ganguly.What is he called?
A:God of off side.
(I don't know whether he was asking for this or 'Prince of Kolkata' or 'A successful captain')
M1:Why only off side?
A:He could hit balls in the off, effortlessly and elegantly. And  he had problems with pulling the bouncers on the onside.
M1:So,you have got a certificate from CBSE.A merit certificate in English. What for?
A:For being top 0.1% scorer.
M1:So tell me, the longest English world?
A:Blank.Murmured Czechoslovakia.
M1:No.Its Floccinaucinihilipilification.
A:Does that mean anything?
M1:Nothing.Its meaning is valueless.
M1:Ok,Thank you. You may go now.
We hope that above 2 important interview experience may help better for your exam.

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