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Essay for Bank Exam PDF Download

The descriptive paper in competitive exams proves to be a vital part in deciding the candidate’s sufficiency for being an officer or a successful employee in any bank. Essay for Bank Exam pdf : In this article we are with Important topics for General English Descriptive Questions Paper Essay writing is most important part of descriptive exam. Here is the detailed pdf list of many more expected essay topics for RBI, SBI PO, IBPS Bank Exam, Insurance and Indian recruitment exam. Also read mm team English Quiz Questions and answers.

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Test of English is an important section in the Written Tests of IBPS Bank exams. Descriptive General English is mainly the test of how you express your views in appropriate words. Descriptive paper in Banking exams comprises various sections like Essay writing, Paragraph writing, Précis writing and Letter Writing. It helps in testing the writing skills of the candidates. What usually happens is a candidate might be good in appearing in the objective type test but generally he is found to be weak in attempting descriptive type questions. Banks are now emphasizing on this aspect and therefore our attempt here is to motivate and prepare each and every candidate for this Descriptive paper.

Important English Essay Topics for Bank Exam Descriptive Paper

Essay for Bank Exam Expected Topics List with  pdf

Can India become an economic super power by 2020 ? 

Should there be reservation for women in legislature ? 

Can economic growth lead to human development ? 

Should we allow foreign universities to set up campuses in India ? 

Gratitude is a precious but rare gift.

Politics and economics can never be separated. 

Should there be reservation for women ? 

Has our middle-class become an unconcerned class ? 

Corruption is the bane of democracy. 

To err is human ; to forgive divine.

The disconnect between Indian higher education and social requirements. 

Have Malls changed urban lifestyle in India ? 

Corruption is a blight on democratic society. 

The Indian woman is extremely vulnerable today. 

Is the concept of India as an economic superpower in 2020 a mirage ? 

We are not as happy as our forefathers were.

India should not undertake Space Exploration when millions in our country are starving.

The urbanites are becoming increasingly callous and selfish.

Child labour, through abolished by law, will continue in India.

Our legal system is extremely soft on juvenile delinquents.

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