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Daily Computer Awareness Quiz for Bank PO/SO/Clerk/SBI Exams

Dear readers. This is new innovation program for all banking jobs candidates. Today meritmock team presenting you a quiz for computer for Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Specialist Officer (SO) and SBI exams. You know that computer awareness is most powerful and scoring section for every bank recruitment exams. In this quiz you can check top selected and ibps previous question papers with answers free download pdf questions for upcoming bank exams. General Knowledge section required your daily practice and practice with revise and revise for your better exam preparation.

Now in the year 2016 and onward in each govt jobs exams many more candidates applying and competition is very high so question paper level is also tough. So in this series you prepare yourself better by good practice with quiz questions for your exam. Our team always active while your name not in the final selection and your name in the merit list. You also download more practice quiz on this subject and e-booklet study notes pdf material from this website. Your all needful artcle just like current banking events 2016, daily current affairs news and how to crack bank exams query solved and available here.

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Que.1. The standard protocol of the Internet is ___?
(1)  TCP/IP
(2)  Java
(3)  HTML
(4)  Flash

Que.2. Digital photos and scanned images are typically stored as_____ graphics with extension such as .bmp, .png, .jpg, .tif or .gif.?
(1)  vector
(2)  bitmap
(3)  either vector or bitmap
(4)  neither vector nor bitmap

Que.3. A ____ is a computer attached 'to the Internet that runs a special Web server software and can send Web pages out to other computers over the Internet?
(1)  web client
(2)  web system
(3)  web page
(4)  web server

Que.4. Computers connected to a LAN can ___?
(1)  run faster
(2)  share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(3)  e-mail
(4)  go online

Que.5. e-Marketing is same as ___?
(1)  virtual marketing
(2)  digital marketing
(3)  real time marketing
(4)  All of these

Que.6. The acronym HTML stands for ____?
(1)  High Transfer Machine Language
(2)  High Transmission Markup Language
(3)  Hypertext Markup Language
(4)  Hypermedia Markup Language

Que.7. Which one of the following is a key function of a firewall ?     
(1)  Monitoring
(2)  Deleting
(3)  Copying
(4)  Moving

Que.8. When you install a new program on your computer, it is typically added to the______menu?
(1)  all Programs
(2)  select Programs
(3)  start Programs
(4)  desktop Programs

Que.9. A program that generally has more user-friendly interface than a DBMS is called a?
(1)  front end
(2)  repository
(3)  back end
(4)  form

Que.10. Network Components are connected to the same cable in the  ___ topology?
(1)  star
(2)  ring
(3)  bus
(4)  mesh

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