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Computer Network Notes for IT Officer Exam Download PDF

Networking questions answers mcq are useful for it officer bank exam as Computer Awareness and Professional Knowledge test. In this series basic networking questions answers mcq are also most useful for IT officer exam. While we analysis of IBPS Computer Awareness Syllabus for PO, Clerk and RRBs Exam then you find According to IBPS Specialist Officer Professional Knowledge Paper Syllabus network is most important part for this exam. This is important section in many govt. exams like IBPS PO, IBPS SO, SBI Assistants, SBI Clerk Exam, RBI Officer and Assistant, LIC AAO Exam and ADO Exam.

Our team 24/7 presenting many more stuff so, here are the model practice questions for the Computer Networks section of upcoming IBPS IT Officers Exam. You get today unique quiz for this topic as well as all study notes pdf download link being a very important topic for IBPS of Computer Network for IT Officer Exam. You practice and read the important study notes for SBI SO (IT) officer and SBI PO computer notes. Well score in bank exams require Selected question more practice. Learn by our recent coaching notes for SBI, IBPS, RBI, Insurance and Other Bank Exam Preparation at home or institutes. You get latest information by Exam Pattern and Syllabus for Bank exams for your sound exam preparation.

MM team Presenting to you some questions on Computer for the upcoming IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER EXAM, keeping in trend with the types of question asked in last years and also more notes available for IT Officer Questions and Computer Networking Questions on mm portal. Here your search end for IBPS IT SO Computers DBMS Networks OS Study Material, IBPS IT OFficer COmputer Knowledge / Awareness Study Material, IBPS IT Officer because mm team coming more mm notes and quiz in Hindi and English for your better exam preparation.

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Article Main Topic is :  Circuit Switching vs Data Gram vs Virtual Circuit
Download : Network Quick Revision Notes for IT Officer Exam : Click here

S.No.Circuit SwitchingData gram Virtual Circuit 
01.  Dedicated transmission path No dedicated path No dedicated path 
02. Continuous transmission of data Transmission of packet Transmission of packet 
03. Fast enough for interactive Fast enough for interactive Fast enough for interactive 
04. Messages are not stored Packets may be stored until transmitted Packets may be stored until delivered 
05. The path is established for entire conversation Route established for each packet Route established for entire conversation
06. Call set-up delay, transmission delay Packet transmission delay Call setup delay, packet transmission delay 
07. Busy signal if called party busy Sender may be notified if packet not delivered Sender notified of connection denial 
08.  Overload may block call setup; no delay for established calls Overload increases packet delay Overload may block call set-up; increases packet delay 
09.  Usually no speed or code conversionSpeed and code conversion Speed and code conversion 
10.  Fixed Bandwidth Dynamic use of bandwidth Dynamic use of bandwidth 
11. No overhead bits after call setup Overhead bits in each packet Overhead bits in each packet 

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