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Computer knowledge questions and answers Quiz for Bank Exam ,SBI Clerk and NABARD Exam

Here is the most awaited Computer knowledge questions and answers Quiz for Bank Exam ,SBI Clerk and NABARD Exam. These very most important and expected computer awareness and knowledge quiz mcqs are very must for every candidate. We also provide e-booklets pdf free study notes material for bank exams. 

You also download computer knowledge previous year asked questions for your better exam preparation. Now a days all section of competitive exams are very most important and effects your merit cut off score so read carefully and stay connected with team mm for recent news and latest updated article for your examinations.

Q. 1. System is built directly on the hardware?
a) Environment
b) System
c) Operating
d) None

Q. 2. Multi-programming system?
a) Are easier to develop than single programming system
b) Execute each job faster
c) Execute more jobs in the same time period
d) Are used only one large mainframe computers

Q. 3. Which of the following command display the name of files in sorted order?
a) Dir/o:n
b) Dir/so
c) Dir/an
d) Dir/ah

Q. 4. MSD.exe does not have information on?
a) Cache
b) Video
c) Operating System
d) Com or port

Q. 5. An entire path name, consisting of several sub-directory names can contain upto?
a) 13 character
b) 36 character
c) 63 character
d) 53 character

Q. 6. In which year the first operating system was developed?
a) 1910
b) 1940
c) 1950
d) 1980

Q. 7. Which of the following devices can be sued to directly image printed text?
a) OCR
b) OMR
d) All of above

Q. 8. In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed?
a) Parallel only
b) Sequentially only
c) Both sequentially and parallel
d) All of above

Q. 9. As per symbolic notation of DOS, which of the following indicates the ROOT directory?
a) *
b) >
c) /
d) None of the above

Q. 10. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is?
b) BCD
d) All of above

Answer Key Download:
1. c, 2. c, 3. a, 4. a, 5. c, 6. c, 7. a, 8. c, 9. d, 10. a

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