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Computer Awareness Quiz For IBPS/SBI Clerk 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz For IBPS/SBI Clerk 2016 is most important part as scoring section in online written and any mock test : You know that test of computer awareness or knowledge for bank exams pdf is recent trend for every job seekers and recruitment exam preparation students. Why not questions on computer knowledge for bank exams is important. This is important part for SBI Clerk Exam Recruitment 2016,  IBPS PO and Clerk Exam. We have already provided many more recent updated quiz questions on computer awareness for bank po exams. These study notes mostly useful for sbi bank exams, so exam and required for all bank exams. In the series of free study notes for recent recruitment exam computer awareness quiz for lic aao was more beneficial for all aspirants. More resource and more material computer awareness quiz as bankers adda aspirants your better exam preparation tool for mm readers. Computer Awareness QuizQuestions which are likely to be asked/ already asked in competitive exams. If you preparing for upcoming IBPS PO and Clerk 2016-17 CWE exam then you prepare and read daily basis quiz for your high merit score and sure success in Bank Jobs.  Are you preparing better for computer knowledge quiz with answers if not then start your exam preparation with us and get daily latest updates for your better future. You also check and Know more about :- SBI Clerk State wise Vacancies List 2016 for vacant Jobs

Questions free download computer awareness for bank exams is most important scoring part in online computer based examination. Meritmock team always alerts to you that not leave this part because if you give lees time for this exam then you didn't get high merit score marks in your bank jobs exams. You are requested that practice well with our Computer Awareness Quiz. As you know that current affairs andGeneral Knowledge (GK) sections in bank exam more scoring part as well as also computer too, So marketing and computer awareness for bank exams pdf available as your best study notes. Demand of our expert visitors we are continue providing online test of computer knowledge for bank exams.
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Q.1. Generally, the DATE is entered in the form
Correct Answer:

Q.2. Multiprogramming system
a. Are easier to develop than single programming system
b. Execute each job faster
c. Execute more jobs in the same time period
d. Are used only one large mainframe computers
Correct Answer: c

Q.3. …is the first program run on a computer when the computer boots up
a. System software
b. Operating system
c. System operations
d. None
Correct Answer: b

Q.4. …..interface consists of things like program counter, registers, interrupts and terminals
a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Data
d. None
Correct Answer: a

Q.5. ….share characteristics with both hardware and software
a. Operating system
b. Software
c. Data
d. None
Correct Answer: a

Q.6. ….is used in operating system to separate mechanism from policy
a. Single level implementation
b. Two level implementation
c. Multi level implementation
d. None
Correct Answer: b

Q.7. The operating system creates …. from the physical computer
a. Virtual space
b. Virtual computers
c. Virtual device 
d. None
Correct Answer: b

Q.8. Swapping
a. Works best with many small partitions
b. Allows many programs to use memory simultaneously
c. Allows each program in turn to use the memory
d. Does not work with overlaying
Correct Answer: c

Q.9. Which of the following operating does not implement multitasking truly? 
a. Windows 98
b. Windows NT
c. Windows XP
Correct Answer: d

Q.10. What is the name of the latest server operating system developed by Microsoft?
a. Windows NT
b. Windows 2000
c. Windows XP
d. Windows 2003
Correct Answer: d

Q.11. Where do you find user.dat?
a. C:\windows
b. C:\windows\system32
c. C:\windows\system
d. C:\
Correct Answer: a

Q.12. MSD.exe does not have information on:
a. Cache
b. Video
c. Operating System
d. Com or port
Correct Answer: a

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