Thursday, 14 April 2016

Computer Awareness Questions Answers for Bank Exams

computer awareness and computer knowledge questions answers are important mcqs for techincal aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank POClerkSBI Clerk Exam, RBI, RRB NTPC Exam and all banking jobs and govt jobs recruitment exams. So this is must that Computer Awareness Questions Answers for Bank Exams.

Here we are with Top expected Computer questions and answers quiz. These objective type / one line questions definitely help better for your upcoming exams.

Q. 1 Internet Developed in the year?
Ans. 1969
September 2, 1969: First time two computers communicated with each other. Oct 29, 1969: Message sent from computer to computer in different locations. Jan 1, 1983: ARPANET adopted the standard TCP/IP protocol. March 1989: Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Q.2 Another name of Digital Money_______?
Ans. e-cash

Q.3 'TCP' stand for?
Ans. Transmission Control Protocol

Q. 4 What is the extension of Microsoft Power point slide show?
Ans. pps

Q. 5 '.tif' means___________?
Ans. Tagged Image File

Q. 6 What is the extension of Macromedia Flash Movie?
Ans. .swf

Q.7 'BPS' stand for?
Ans. Bits per second

Q.8 What does 'ISD' stand for?
Ans. International Subscriber Dialling

Q.9 MICR stands for 
Ans. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Q. 10 OSI stand for?
Ans. Open Systems Interconnection

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