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RRB NTPC Answer Key March 31st 1st 2nd and 3rd shift 2016

RRB NTPC Answer Key 2016 - Full RRB 31st (31.03.2016) All shift All Regions
Once Again We found some searches for RRB NTPC Exam Answer key shift today you check today RRB NTPC Answer Key March 31st 1st shift 2016. Because we are here with the Today RRB NTPC exam 4th day review held on 31st March 2016. No changes in the exam pattern but however there will be few differences seen in case of Current Affairs & General Science part and candidates those who are about to attend the examination can have a look on it.

Common Computer Based Online Test: The question paper will be in English, Hindi, Urdu and near about 15th languages and the duration of the examination will be 90 minutes which consists 100 objective type questions. In the exam every question carries 1 marks. Negative marking in tunes of 1/3 marks is also applicable if you choose wrong answer in the online examination. Around 98 Lac candidates have filled forms for 18252 different posts. This is one of the largest exam happening in the India in terms of candidates who enrolled for the exam. RRB NTPC Answer Key 2016 – RRB Railway Non Technical (CEN 03/2015) Question Papers Solution Keys with Expected Cut Off Marks. In this Exam Huge number of Candidates appeared in the examination and they are eagerly search for RRB NTPC Answer Key, Exam Review, Analysis along with expected cutoff Marks.

The RRB exam 1st (first) shift of 4th fourth day was over and overall paper was easy to moderate. Check reviews about the RRB Examination 2016 we are giving more details as well as we receive.
Exam Analysis with the level of difficulty. 

Session 1:
(9:00A.M. to 10:30A.M.)
Questions Paper Level : Easy to Moderate 75-80

RRB NTPC Today 31st March 2016 1st shift Asked Question Paper

More Questions will be updated for every 10 minutes. So please keep visiting this page for updated information.

Asked Q.1) Webpages are written using ________.
Answer Key) http

Asked Q.2) Where 2018 fifa world cup is held?
Answer Key) Russia

Asked Q.3) Dialysis is treatment for ______
Answer Key) Kidneys

Asked Q.4) Captcha is used for ________.
Answer Key) To check whether user is human or not

Asked Q.5) What is use of Nustar – x ray?
Answer Key) To focus high energy x-rays

Asked Q.6)______ is called as Bankers of Bankers ?
Answer Key) Reserve Bank of India.

Asked Q.7) International Unity day celebrated on?
Answer Key) 31 October.

Asked Q.8) NASA Headquarter is located at?

Answer Key) Washington DC.

Asked Q.9) IMO stands for?
Answer Key) International Maritime Organisation

Asked Q.10) What is National highway greenery plan?
Answer Key) To plant trees along 6000km on highways.

Asked Q.11) Ghandhiji’s Guru name?
Answer Key) Gopal krishna gokale.

Asked Q.12) which is new scheme of formers?
Answer Key) Crop Insurance Scheme.

Asked Q.13) First female Chief minister in India?
Answer Key) Sucheta Krupalani.

Asked Q.14) Highest Tea producing state in India?
Answer Key) Assam state.

Asked Q.15) Kuchipudi belongs to?
Answer Key) Andhrapradesh state.

Asked Q.16) Water droplets cause Rainbow, why?
Answer Key) Dispersion of light.

Asked Q.17) What is Larynx?
Answer Key) sound box.

Asked Q.18) World heritage site by UNESCO in 1985 is?
Answer Key) Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary.

Asked Q.19) who won Male Gold medalist in 2012 Olympics in Tennis?
Answer Key) Andy Murray.

Asked Q.20) Who has hitted 6 sixes in T20 worldcups?
Answer Key) YuvRaj Singh.

Asked Q.21) Kudankulam is located at?
Answer Key) Tamil Nadu.

Asked Q.22) Computer security Day celebrated on?
Answer Key) 30 November.

Asked Q.23) First Home Minister of India?
Answer Key) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Asked Q.24) Osama Bin Laden was killed at which place?
Answer Key) Tora Bora, Afghanistan.

Asked Q.25) Indian Coins made of which metal?
Answer Key) Ferritic Steel.

Asked Q.26) In which year Chandrayan-1 was launched?
Answer Key2008

Asked Q.27) What is Young crocodile called as?
Answer Key) Hatchling

Asked Q.28) What is full form of Imo?
Answer Key) International Maritime Organisation

RRB NTPC Today 31st March 2016 2nd shift Asked Question Paper

Updated soon.

RRB NTPC Today 31st March 2016 3rd shift Asked Question Paper

Updated soon.

Section and Subject Wise Detailed Analysis-
Now All candidates who had attend the exam, they are looking for official answer keys. Organisation will upload official answer sheet along with cut off marks on authorized website
Check Arithmetic Section: The section was in line with Pattern of banking exams with a link to SSC CGL with trigonometry and Mensuration in small numbers. Questions were there from Time Speed and Distance, Profit and Loss, Speed maths were common.The questions were covered from topics like Simple Interest(2-3), Average(5-6), Time and Work, Ratio and Proportion(1-2), and rest were from remaining portions of Arithmetic. 

check General Intelligence & Reasoning Section:
 If we specifically talk about Reasoning the questions were similar to SSC and topics like Analogy, Classification, Blood Relation, Syllogism, Non Verbal Reasoning , Syllogism based question, arrangement questions,input-output, Direction based questions were asked.This section was quite typical and the students who have appeared for recent exam will not take much time in solving these questions.

As we all know that it is impossible to cover each and every aspect of general awareness but from the type of questions we have seen  in this shift will help you guess the questions to be asked in upcoming shifts.

The review has been written based on preliminary information we have received. Keep  following us we are here with the second and third session analysis too.STAY CONNECT WITH FOR MORE UPDATES HERE

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